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Review: Soul Deep

Soul Deep: An I-Team After Hours Novella (Volume 2) - Pamela Clare

Fans of Pamela Clare will love this Soul Deep (I-Team #6.5), including those who are fans of her I-Team series. The reason I read this one is because of the ages of the main couple, specifically the hero. Jack is 63 years old, and Janet is 18 years younger than him. For those who want to read romance with older characters, specifically the main couple, Soul Deep is the one for you.


Janet is FBI agent, recovering from a sniper bullet that tore through her hip. She now walks with a slight limp and uses a cane. After 20 years in the field, she will now sit behind a desk because of her injury. She's a little bitter about that, but she'll do what she has to do to move on. She decides to take a week long vacation at a B&B in Colorado. But a horrible snowstorm derails her plans. She forced off the road and stuck in her car overnight, until she is rescued by a man she thought she would never see again- Rancher Jack West, who she had a bit of a conflict with when she was working to protect someone. Based on Jack's response, she wasn't thrilled to be saved by him, but that quickly changes when he brings her to his ranch, Cimarron to help her recover.


Jack is a widower, who lost his beloved wife 7 years ago. They had a great marriage, and he still misses her, but feels a bit lonely because he hasn't been with another woman since her death. His son thinks he should date, and even try on-line dating, but Jack is old school, and most of his time is used for running his ranch and taking care of his horses. When he comes to Janet's rescue, he's surprised, just as she is. He offers his home for her to recover for the night, and then welcomes her to stay for the rest of the week. He's not just being polite. He would like her to stick around so he can get to know her better. He knows romance isn't in the card for him because Janet is too young for him. But he's attracted to her, and he finds out by sharing a kiss that she is attracted to him also. But instead of trying to get her in his bed, he's more concerned with her relaxing and healing, both mentally (Janet has nightmares of being shot, and she doesn't think she can ride horses, which she loves, because of her injury). They bond as Jack shows her around the ranch and helps her get back on a horse figuratively and literately by help her ride his horses.


But when one of Jack's prized horses is hit by a stray bullet, and then one of his ranch hands is attacked and also shot, he's on high alert, because who is out to do him wrong? Janet also helps because of her expertise, and they do their own investigation. As they work together, their attraction flares up, and they both give in to temptation, which leads to a lot of yearning on both sides for something more than just a week long love affair.

Pamela's Jack is one hot GILF. Jack proves that sexiness doesn't stop at a certain age. The way he's portrayed is what a romance hero should be. He's kind, understanding, works hard and is very dedicated to his home and family. His relationship with his deceased wife is poignant, and feels very real to life. His relationship with his son, and his daughter-in-law- and grandchild is very loving. Jack is a prime specimen of a man, and perfect for Janet. These two mesh so well together, and their "courtship" is a very slow build that leads to some hot times. Jack is a giving and skilled lover *fans self*. Jack is exactly what Janet needs. She is pretty much a loner, a single woman who has a few failed relationships. After being shot, she doubts her sexual appeal and whether she can have a satisfying sexual relationship. Jack proves to Janet how desirable she is.


The mystery subplot wasn't as well-rounded and exciting as the main one with Jack and Janet(my reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4). It was pretty obvious to me who the baddie was and why. But it was interesting to see how Jack handle everything and kept a calm head the entire time.


The ending has a bit of a twist regarding Janet and a specific deficiency she thinks he has, which was resolved in a way that was a little too pat and too happily ever after-ish, (I rolled my eyes when it was revealed) but it is a very sweet ending.


Pamela has created something special in Jack, so much so, he's in the running for my favorite hero of 2015. Do pick this one up!