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Review: Wild Nights

— feeling kiss
Wild Nights (Vegas Nights) - Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson is a pro at writing hot to trot, steaming one night stands that becomes much more, which is the case of the Vegas Nights series. Wild Nights is the final novella in the trilogy about 3 nurses who live it up in Vegas, and up finding their Prince Charming’s, all of whom are celebrities in sports, acting and rock-n-roll.


Wild Nights is Natalie’s story. She is very much a duck out of water type of woman, who prefers to stay home and isn’t into the social scene. She also has a bit of a self-esteem problem. When her two girl friends go off with their hot studs and leave her at a party, she’s upset, and rightly so. She feels they dumped her to get their freak on with their hot men. But things are on the up and up for Natalie when Noah Wilde, a hot rock star notices her. Noah has toned down his partying. He went to rehab for drinking too much, and isn’t really into the partying scene any more like Natalie. But then he spots her and wants to hang out with her. These two hit it off together and he shows her the sights of Vegas. Noah is such a sweet guy to Natalie, that she takes a big chance with him, and goes to his hotel room. There Noah gives her a hotter than hot night to remember. The sex between these two are smoking hot (some of the best of the trilogy). Natalie and Noah stay together the entire weekend, but then she overhears Noah talking on the phone. He mentions her in a certain way that makes Natalie think her weekend love fest with Noah was the worst mistake of her life.


Wild Nights is a perfect example of what a romance novella should be. Karen has such great skill at making the chemistry between the hero and heroine work. The one downside is, because this is a novella, the ending is rushed in order to get to the HEA in the word count allotted. Like the other two books prior, I felt each book would have been much better if they were longer. That’s the case here with Wild Nights. The miscommunication between Natalie and Noah happens, and then the fix is quick and fast, which is off the page. I wanted to see these two resolve their issues, and not just have it mentioned in passing.


But even with my annoyance at the sudden ending, Wild Nights delivered for me. A hot sexy short!