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Review: Brown-Eyed Girl

Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) - Lisa Kleypas

Fan of Lisa Kleypas rejoice! Brown-Eyed Girl, the fourth and final book in the Travis Family series is a feel good  contemporary with a swoonworthy hero who sees the wonderful nature the heroine hides inside. Brown-Eyed Girl is more on the humorous and lighthearted side versus the other books in this series. You'll have a big slap happy smile on your face while you read this one.


Avery runs a wedding planning business with her half-sister, Sofia. Their small business is growing by leaps and bounds, although Avery doesn't believe in happily ever afters or fairy tale love. Her father was a serial cheater, who never could stay with one woman for too long. Her mother isn't much better. Avery was also dumped by her fiance on her wedding day. But for some reason, she's amazing at planning weddings. At one wedding, where it seems the groom is ready to cut and run, she meets Joe Travis. Joe comes from a very rich and respectable family in Texas. He's a photographer, and very down to earth. He flirts with Avery and wants to get to know her better. Avery doesn't understand why Joe would be interested in her. She has flaming red hair that's horrible to style, full figured. and wears and too large  dowdy clothes that hides her curves. She downplays her attributes for no real reason, other than she thinks she's too fat. Joe thinks she beautiful. Before the night ends, she has a one night stand with him. Joe makes her see fireworks in bed.


Avery thinks she'll never hear or see Joe again, but the Travis men are tenacious when they want something. Joe really likes Avery and wants to date her. He's actually upset that he slept with Avery before getting to know her better. He won't let her walk out of his life, even when she explains how damaged she is. Joe doesn't care. Everyone around Avery is telling her to go for the gold, meaning Joe. She gives him a chance, and that's when everything seems to fall in place for Avery, so much so that she may reach her ultimate dream, which could destroy her new found happiness with Joe.


Brown-Eyed Girl is feel good romance. I ate this book up in under three hours because I was hooked on the story. Lisa Kleypas heroes are some of the best heroes ever created in romance, and Joe is no exception. The man loves to photograph neglected shelter dogs so they have a chance at getting adopted. Avery even adopts one dog because of Joe, which is the best thing for her. This was my favorite aspect of the story. Joe is extremely understanding when it comes to Avery. He respects her feelings and her dedication to her work. He's willing to stand aside so she can reach her dream. He's really too good to be true.


Avery is the small downside here. She acts like a curmudgeon for the most part that you want to shake her. She has self-confidence issues because of her body, including the fact she was betrayed by men in the past. Joe breaks her down, and because of that she glows and becomes the beautiful, amazing woman that should have broken free a long time ago.


Past characters appear, mainly Joe's brothers and their wives. There's also an interesting subplot with Joe's cousin, Ryan and his rich girl fiance (I can see a spin off happening with his story). Sophia and one of her employees also have their chance at love, which is just as sweet as the Avery and Joe relationship.


Brown-Eyed Girl gave me the warm feels, leaving me anxious for more of the Travises and the world they live in.