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Review: Dear Cupid

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Dear Cupid - Julie Ortolon

Dear Cupid by Julie Ortolon is the type of book that will give you the warm fuzzies, as well as give you a few chuckles as you read. This is a near perfect contemporary romance about a heroine getting a shot at a second chance at love with a guy who enjoys everything life has to offer. The hero pushes her to have fun and not worry about things. I found myself having a blast reading Dear Cupid because Julie has written two great characters in Kate and Michael.


Kate is a divorced mother with a 5 year old son who has asthma. Her ex-husband isn’t in the picture that much since he’s all about work and having his own life on his own terms, which means no wife or son to take up his time. Kate is barely making ends meet as a romance columnist called Dear Cupid. She has a meeting with the owner of the on-line magazine, who tells Kate that she needs to spice up her advice or her column will be cancelled. Kate would be devastated because she loves giving advice, but doesn’t want to lie to her fans. Not everything is rainbows and roses in the romance department for every couple. Kate’s love life is stale, which she thinks might be the main reason her column is the same way. While she’s waiting to board her plane home, she spot a handsome man wearing a Hawaiian shirt. She pretends to spill her purse as she passes him. She does a little flirting, which he responds to, but she doesn’t go much further than that. By the time she gets on her flight, Michael, the man she flirted with is very interested in her. But then she gives him the cold shoulder and ignores him. He’s confused by her sudden change of heart, but fate intervenes because he has a business card she forgot that spilled out of her purse. He knows how to reach her.

Kate’s friend runs a Wife for Hire, a business that helps people who are too busy to run errands or take care of their house. Kate accepts a job for a male client, who when Kate meets is in for a big surprise because it’s Mike. He tells Kate he needs someone to help him find a wife since he’s so busy working as a consultant for various movie productions, creating special effects for sci-fi movies. His plan is a little underhanded and sneaky because he’s not really looking for a wife. He just wants Kate in his life, but he doesn’t tell her that. He plays it off so well that she falls for it, even allowing her to redecorate his bachelor pad house.


Mike is very appealing, but Kate has other more important things to worry about. She’s always stressing, while Mike is more laid back, even though his work keeps him busy and he’s always on call. They form a friendship, which Mike hopes will grow into something more, and possibly permanent.


Dear Cupid is uber-sweet and predictable, but that doesn’t take away from the reading pleasure as Kate and Mike fall in love. Mike knows how to deal with stress a lot better than Kate, who feels like the world is against her. Mike comes into Kate’s life at the perfect time because other than her son and her column, she doesn’t have much to look forward to. Some may find Kate annoying after a while, but Mike is there to even things out. He’s a great counterpart to Kate, and they have great chemistry together.

The romance factor here has limited sensuality with one or two full love scenes that are more in the PG-13 range, so this would be a good read for teens. The outcome is very satisfactory, especially when it comes to Kate’s column and her decision about Mike and his role in her life. The ending is the complete HEA any fan of romance would want.


For a feel good story, do check Dear Cupid out.