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Review: The Vixen and the Vet

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The Vixen and the Vet - Katy Regnery

As a modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery really hits the mark. If you like your heroes scarred, both emotionally and physically, who can find the joy in life again because of the tenacity and love of the heroine, this book is for you. The romance was very believable, with great sexy times. I think The Vixen and the Vet would be a great TV movie because it reads like a movie script.


Savannah has returned home with her reputation and career in tatters because the man she thought she loved fed her false information on a huge story she was writing for a newspaper in order to save his father from going to jail. Feeling used and abused, Savannah licks her wounds in the arms of her family. Her younger sister is getting married to her long time boyfriend, and is obsessed with the wedding plans, which drives Savannah crazy. But then Savannah is given a second chance to redeem herself and possibly revive her career. A fellow journalist who thought Savannah got the raw deal tells her about a freelance writing opportunity for a magazine. But Savannah has to write a human interest story. Savannah isn't thrilled about the topic, but she doesn't have many choices. She decides to write about a hometown hero- Asher Lee, a wounded veteran who has holed up in his family's house for the past 8 years.


Asher was the small town golden boy, complete with the looks, family name and money. While on a tour in Afghanistan, a bomb blows up, almost killing him. He lives, but sustains horrible wounds. His right arm is missing below the elbow, he doesn't have an ear, and half of his face has horrible scarring. Because people either wince in disgust or fear when they see his face, he remains locked in his home. What he doesn't count on is Savannah coming along and bringing joy back into his life.


At first Asher refuses to see Savannah, even though she brings him homemade baked goods to tempt him into seeing her. Her brownies are the reason he lets her in, and agrees to the interview. Savannah's reaction to Asher is typical, but eventually she stops seeing the "beast", and see the heroic and amazing man behind the scar tissue. One kiss from Asher, and Savannah no longer thinks of Asher as the subject of her human interest story, but a hot blooded man she wants as a lover.


The Vixen and The Vet is a title that 's a bit deceiving. Savannah isn't a "vixen" (I guess her vixen comes out in the bedroom when she and Asher get it on). Both these characters are very bright and intuitive to each others needs. It doesn't take long for Savannah to fall for Asher's charms. The reader does also, forgetting what Asher looks like on the outside. Asher is one hot hero! He has a great personality and sense of humor, which Savannah is attracted to. He has some PTSD, but it's mainly as nightmares and his fear of being out in public. He has a chance at undergoing surgery and using a bionic arm if he so chooses. Asher also doesn't have to worry about working or money because he has enough at his disposal, which really isn't explained that well. But I guess that's where the fairy tale like atmosphere comes into play. Asher isn't limited with his handicap. He's like any normal man. Savannah sees this right from the start. Their passion is explosive and very well written.


There's some unneeded drama with Savannah and her sister. Savannah goes to her sister's bachelorette party. Her fiance is also there with his friends, including his sleazy brother who almost rapes Savannah. That scene, and what follows after, and how Asher reacts just rubbed me the wrong way. It really didn't make any sense to have Savannah attacked and for Asher to be her knight in shining armor. This plot device took something special away from the overall story and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Other than this misstep from the author, The Vixen and the Vet was an enjoyable read. The last quarter of the novel, and the effects of Savannah's article on Asher is very emotional and may make some readers weepy-eyed because of how Asher survived after the bombing that took so much away from him. The end specifically is extremely well done.


The Vixen and the Vet has a lot of heart behind it with the portrayal of Asher and Savannah. This is one book I would definitely recommend to others.