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Review: Caught Up in the Touch

Caught Up in the Touch - Laura Trentham

Caught Up in the Touch (Falcon Football #2) by Laura Trentham is a pretty typical contemporary romance with a main couple you root for. The hero and heroine have endearing and unique personalities, but the story has a been there, done that feel to it. Readers of small town romance will probably enjoy this one, including a hero, who loves to cook and who the heroine nicknames, “Mountain Man”.


Jessica, for all intensive purposes, is a shrewd business woman. Her power suits and high heels are her costume as she works for her cold and at times boorish father, who also gives her personal jabs that does a number on her self esteem. But Jessica hides her feelings because she wants to rise to the top of her father’s company. She has the experience and is dedicated to her work. But her father dangles that carrot constantly over her head. Montgomery Sr. is surrounded by “yes men” and is never told no. But Logan Wilde has done that. Senior wants Logan to come work for him and operate a flagship restaurant. In order for Jessica to get what she wants, her father sends to her Logan’s backwater town in Alabama to convince Logan to work for the Montgomery name by any means necessary.


Jessica treats this as a mission. Logan is a hometown boy through and through. When he was a teen, he was a a bit of a rebel, but after joining the army, and being much more considerate to his loving grandma, he matured and left behind his rebellious ways. He’s opened a restaurant in his home town, where he does all the cooking. He’s also the coach for the high school football team. Logan loves his life and doesn’t want anything more. But then Jessica comes roaring into it. When she first meets him, she has no clue who he is. Logan had a rough morning and is scruffy (think hot beard), dirty and exhausted. He doesn’t tell Jessica who he is. She thinks he’s just a member of Logan’s staff. She nicknames him Mountain Man in her head because he’s so tall, large and bearded (rowl). When she has car problems, he lends her a helping hand, including a place to stay for the time she’s there- a new B&B run by a friend. Eventually she figures out her Mountain Man is Logan, and that’s where the fun starts for both of them.


Jessica tries her hardest to convince Logan to take her father’s very generous offer. Logan refuses to be convinced, but he likes having Jessica around. She’s “Jessie” to him, and he’s very turned on by her long legs and her high heels. She also not skittish about hanging out with him in the woods when he wants to get away (even in those high heels she loves wearing). They bond, flirt and then their attraction blooms to the point that Jessica wants to chuck it all away and stay with Logan in his backwater town. But here are big obstacles for these two. Jessica’s father wants to win, and has a card underneath his sleeve regarding Logan’s father. Plus there might be a steroid problems among Logan’s players on the football team he has to deal with. Plus can Jessica give up everything she’s worked so hard for?


Caught Up in the Touch is a simple love story with nice characters. Even with the subplot of drug and steroid use in high school sports, and Logan’s family issues, as well as Jessica’s tempestuous relationship with her father, there aren’t many grand gestures here or explosive action. Logan and Jessica have good chemistry together, but they take their time before they act on their attraction (lots of kissing before the sex). But the “I love you’s” come on too fast to be believable. But overall, I did enjoy Caught Up in the Touch. The ending is too pat and predictable, but it has a HEA, which after all, works.


Caught Up in the Touch is a solid romance with likable characters. A pretty okay read to spend a few hours lost in.