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Review: Ever After

— feeling smile
Ever After (Love to the Rescue) - Rachel Lacey

You can't go wrong with a hottie, by the book sheriff and his attraction toward an animal rights activist who sometimes drives him up the wall, but in the same turn, wants to kiss the daylights out of her, and keep on kissing her as his way to keep her in line. Ever After (Love to the Rescue #3) by Rachel Lacey has a whole lot of cute going on. A little off the wall, but has a lot of heart on the pages with cute doggy antics, and some great chemistry between the hero and heroine, who are complete opposites.


Olivia was arrested by Pete because of a dare. She had one too many drinks to celebrate her birthday, and her two friends dared her to paint graffiti on a tower at a chicken processing plant that she found out has been abusing the chickens before they are slaughtered. As Olivia is in the process of finishing her graffiti, she's caught and taken to jail by Pete, a sheriff who hopes to be detective one day. Pete is a very dedicated police officer, who follows the rules in every aspect of his life. At first he seems like a distant, cold fish type. The reason is because his father, who was a substance abuse addict, ended up killing a man in a car accident, and is now in jail. Pete lives with the shame of his father, who never respected his wife or kids. Pete spends most of his private time baking cupcakes for a women's shelter (awww), and becoming the dad to a dog who was training as a police dog, but failed (double aww). When he meets Olivia, he's thrown for a loop because she's a rebel with a heart who he can't help but like.


Olivia ends up in court, but is forced to do community service instead of being arrested. She still wants to fight for the rights of the chickens, and remains outspoken on her website and social media to get the word out. She also works at a cafe, and fosters two dogs. She doesn't have a high opinion on Pete, but eventually she forgives him because he was just doing his job, plus he has a dog, do he can't be that bad of a guy. But because Pete is up for detective, he has to be careful where Olivia is concerned. He shows up at her work, and at her house in the guise of making sure she's behaving. At first she doesn't see through his strange, but adorable courtship. But then someone is out to get Olivia by spray painting her car, house, and hacking into her website. The police ignore her because they think she's lying, but Pete is there to help her. He does a little investigating on the side to find those people who are scaring Olivia into silence. She won't be silenced, which makes Pete want to protect her. His protection becomes much more than that.


Ever After is a cute romance about two animal lovers. It's a very solid contemporary romance with a few messages. Once Olivia breaks through Pete's emotional walls, that's when the romance between them gets up and running. It was nice to see these two get to know one another before they jumped into bed. Pete takes Olivia out on old fashioned dates. Olivia takes Pete to parks and the woods to help him meditate. Both are overall kind people who want to right the wrongs of the world in their own special way. They really click well together even though their beliefs and the way they handle things are different from one another.


Ever After is a type of book that gives you major feels as your read, and leaves you with a big smile on your face.