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Review: Seasoned Sophomore

Seasoned Sophomore (Pole Dance Book 2) - S.G. Lovell

Seasoned Sophomore (Pole Dance #2) by S.G. Lowell is a cute contemporary romance with a prince of a hero who dreams of settling down with a wife and children. He owns his own cafe and loves cooking for women. He falls for a self-conscious heroine, who has some body issues, but loves food, especially the hero’s baked goods. How can you not enjoy a romance where the hero gets all hot and bothered watching the heroine eat his food he makes for her? The aww factor is high here!


Angelina is a somewhat overweight, which doesn’t really bother her. She enjoys food, plain and simple. She also takes pole dancing lessons. Then her boyfriend of four years dumps her for another woman. He says the reason he’s moved on is because Angelina is too fat. Hurt and upset because her boyfriend always said he loved her for her size, she moves into a smaller apartment, while he stays with his new, skinnier girlfriend. She ends up at her favorite cafe, run by Edward, who constantly flirts with her. He does great things for her ego, so much so she chooses him as a rebound lover. Edward is very attracted to Angelina. He’s still trying to get over his own breakup with his girlfriend, who after was his model to promote his cafe, she got a modeling contract and dumped him. Now Edward is looking for a new model for his advertising. He has a casting call based on the requirements the agency has decided on. He doesn’t want a super thin model, but he’s ignored.


After an intense round of flirting, Edward invites Angelina back to his place, and he rocks her world. What he doesn’t know is she has put in her application at a chance to be his model, thinking she can lose the weight in a month’s time. When she asks him about the process in choosing a model, he mistakenly insults her because of her interest. Angelina is hurt, and feeling stupid for trusting another man who would comment on her weight. Edward is clueless as to why Angelina is upset, and he thinks he has ruined all his chances at something special with her. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for him. One of Angelina’s pole dancing friends is dating his brother, so he’ll ask them for help in regaining Angelina’s trust and prove he thinks she’s beautiful the way she is.

Seasoned Sophomore is an enjoyable romance with great dialogue and well rounded characters. Angelina is very strong willed, but there are some road blocks for her, such as her lazy, rude ex-boyfriend, who does a number on her self-esteem. But she bounces back, and Edward is right there to catch her. Edwards is really a dreamboat of a hero. He’s everything you would want in a hero. He’s so adorable because he really likes Angelina, but is afraid he’ll say the wrong thing and hurt her again. The way he makes up his faux pas is really lovely.


The ending is everything rainbows and fluttering hearts. S.G. Lovell really knows how to write a book that gives you the warm fuzzies.