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Review: Sergei

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Sergei - Roxie Rivera

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Sergei (Her Russian Protector #5) by Roxie Rivera. My initial thought before I started reading Sergei that the hero would be some over the top possessive alpha douche who takes over every part of the heroine's life, including non-stop sex with a very minimal plot. That's not the case here. Roxie takes some very stereotypical tropes found in books like this (the hero's "job" has a criminal aspect and may have some amoral traits) and makes it unique and not eye rolling at all.


Sergei is from Russia, working for a man who "owns" him, but his boss is a very respectable and kind. Sergei is called in to rough up some criminal types who hurt people, especially women. He's all muscle, and very handsome. Sergei has it bad for Bianca, who is polite to him but keeps him at arm's length. Bianca knows all about Sergei's work, and because of that she's wary of him. Her brother was shot and killed when they were teens. She doesn't want to be around shady people, although her girl friends for the most part have ended up with men like Sergei. During a wedding, Bianca feels lonely. There are couples all around her being lovey dovey, and poor Bianca doesn't have anyone. But then there's Sergei who makes her all tingly. She's very attracted to Sergei, which confuses her because not only is he white and Russian, she's black and also has curves, or is a bigger woman. Why would Sergei be interested in someone like her? But Sergei is very interested, so much so she is all he can think about.


Sergei asks her to dance, and Bianca shuts him down. She goes home (she lives in a fixer upper), and Sergei ends up there. He hears her screaming, thinking she's in trouble because Bianca may or may not have a creepster watching her. He finds her naked in the shower, and then from that moment their relationship changes for the better. Because Bianca's house needs a lot of work, Sergei volunteers to be her personal handy man. Bianca accepts, and that's when things get very interesting between these two.

Roxie has written something special with Sergei and Bianca. Their attraction for one another is really well done, and smoking hot! Roxie can sure write great sex. Sergei is a big pussy cat when it comes to Bianca. He's so far gone for this woman that it's very adorable. Bianca is a smart and independent minded woman. Sergei respects everything about her, including her mind. He also thinks she's beautiful, even though she has issues with her body.


There is a subplot with Sergei's job, that ends up involving Bianca because of her past. I found that a little stale because I was more concerned about Sergei and Bianca connecting and learning to trust one another. By the end you're really cemented with the idea of Sergei and Bianca being a couple.


Sergei is a great interracial romance that should appeal to may romance readers. Both characters are well rounded and very dimensional with their personalities. I'm glad I read this one and look forward to more from Roxie and her hot Russian gentleman.