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Review: Sacked

— feeling kiss
Sacked: A Novel (A Gridiron Novel Book 1) - Jen Frederick

Fans of New Adult set in college will eat Sacked by Jen Frederick up. This is exactly the type of book a New Adult should be. When it comes to romances set in college, aka NA, I’ve become wary of reading them because the majority are caricatures of what college life is with the concentration on the hero, or the heroine’s love interest being a egotistical walking STD, or the heroine having such a tortured past by the age of 21 that you wonder why she’s not in sitting in a corner rocking because she has been abused so horrible. That is definitely not the case with Sacked. This book is a breath of fresh air, and makes me remember my college days fondly.


The reason to read Sacked is for Knox Masters. Knox is the complete package woman drool over, and who men wish they could be. Knox also has a very open secret that’s not really a secret at all. At 21, Knox is still a virgin, one who has only gone to second base with a girl and nothing more. Why you may ask? It’s not because of his religion or sexual issues, abuse in his past or some hang up he has. Knox hasn’t had sex yet because he hasn’t found the right woman for him. The great thing is, Knox’s teammates and friends, even the entire college doesn’t care. They think it’s cool and let Knox do his thing. Knox is a god at the college he attends because he’s an incredible quarterback who has a great shot at the NFL. He’s smart, kind, and very handsome. Knox is an all around great guy with a twin brother at another college who also plays football. When Sacked begins, he spots a girl at the university’s football stadium at the crack of dawn. At first he thinks she’s a football groupie, but as soon as he talks to her, he knows she’s more than that. Ellie’s brother Jack is a new player on the football team. She’s also athletic (she likes playing softball), and even had aspirations at a sport career, which was sidelined when she was hurt (she has scarring on her knees). Within a few minutes of talking with Ellie, Knox is smitten. He knows Ellie is the one he’ll not only lose his virginity to, but she’ll eventually have his last name because he’ll end up marrying her. He tells his brother the Earth moved when he met Ellie. Can we say awww?


Ellie thinks Knox is conceited, as most football players are based on her own experience with them in high school. She’s mainly at college to help Jack pass his classes. Her parents thinks she’s worthless for no real reason as to why (this subplot was my biggest issue overall, and it annoyed me to no end because it didn’t seem to serve any purpose.). If there was a real reason why her parents act like she’s the redheaded stepchild, then maybe it wouldn’t have been the big downer of the story. But even with her parents, specifically her mother being the Wicked Witch Bitch, Ellie isn’t too scarred emotionally. She’s actually very well rounded and mature. Jack is a great support, including her roommate Riley. Then there is Knox who won’t leave her along. Ellie’s thinks he’s lying about his virgin status just to get in her pants. As she gets to know Knox, she finds out he’s the real deal. Knox is very patient and takes his time with Ellie so she trusts him. And when she does, watch out because it’s explosive in so many ways.


Sacked rates high for me, up there with the first round of NA college setting romances that came out in in 2012 and 2013. Knox is truly a prince among men. Jen makes the perfect case why we need more virgin heroes in contemporary romance. The way she has written Knox is awesome. The way he and Ellie click was so much fun to read. Because Knox is so steadfast with waiting for the right woman to make love to, there is some OMG hotness foreplay that goes on between these two, specifically one scene where Ellie catches Knox taking himself in the hand so to speak, and she watches as he pleasures himself. Yee haw. And when trust has been established between these two, and Knox surrenders, more hotness all around. Jen can sure write some steamy love scenes.


Friendship is a big theme here, which we see with Knox and his teammates, and with Ellie and Riley. Even Knox and Ellie become friends before they become a couple. This is a slice of college life not usually shown in romance like this. Every character here is engaging and special.


There’s a big twist I would have never expected that made me go, “whoa”. It brings forth a humdinger of a HEA for Knox and Ellie. It was a little sudden, but it gave me many happy feels.