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Review: A Taste of Heaven

— feeling kissed
A Taste of Heaven - Penny Watson

Reading a Penny Watson book is always a big treat. Every single one of her books I've read always makes me smile. Her past few books, thanks to self-publishing (with has unlocked an amazing creativity with Penny's writing) has really flexed her creative juices.


A Taste of Heaven is a perfect example of why self-published is amazing, mainly because traditional publishing can be blind to books that should be published and promoted heavily for the masses. A Taste of Heaven is such a book that should be on every romance reader's lips because it's unique in the sense because of the main characters. The hero and heroine are considered way past their prime (in some literary circles) in having a sexy, passionate love affair that engages all the senses. A Taste of Heaven does that, and more, not just because the hero and heroine love to cook and create to die for dishes. It's mainly because the heroine is a 47 year old widow with two adult daughters. The hero is a near 50, bald, redheaded bearded, stubborn, three times divorced Scots. When these two characters come together, they not only heat up the kitchen in ways that will make readers lick their lips and cause their stomachs growl, but also in the bedroom where the hero shows the heroine the delights of his "Scottish Knob".


Sophia lost her beloved, absent-minded husband a few years ago. They were married for over two decades, and now that Sophia is a widow, she feels adrift with no real purpose. Her two daughters are very supportive of their mother, but they worry for her. The only joy Sophia has now is cooking. One of her daughters sends in an application on Sophia's behalf for a reality cooking show in the area called Taste of Heaven. Sophia decides to go on the show to appease her daughters. She finds out that a professional chef will team up with an amateur chef. These duos will have to impress three judges big time in order to win the $50,000 prize and a chance at stardom. Since Sophia is an amateur, she teams up with Elliott, who at first glance annoys her immensely. Elliott is boorish, rude, and a bit of a food snob. He's not happy he has to compete with stay at home mommy chefs like Sophia. He's there for a very specific reason, and he aims to win. No one will get in his way, not even Sophia, who he nicknames a garden sprite. But he has no choice but to work with Sophia, who is his complete opposite in every way.


It's definitely not smooth sailing for these two. Sophia may seems prim and proper, but she's no pushover. She refuses to bend to Elliott's dictates. Eventually as they cook together and get to know one another, they come to agreement and will compromise. Once they do, that's when things get very interesting, because their original disdain for one another has changed into something very special that involves flirting, mainly from Elliott, who enjoys ruffling his adorable sprite's feathers.


A Taste of Heaven is exactly what the title says. This story is a succulent taste of fiction heaven. This one is going in my top 10 for 2015. There's so much to enjoy about this novel. The behind the scenes reality show aspect is great, especially all the incredible mouth watering dishes Elliott and Sophia come up with (can Penny publish a cookbook as a companion guide?). Elliott and Sophia sparkle, more so than any other couple Penny created. This is also Penny's steamiest novel to date. Elliott is a smooth talker, a Lothario who seduces Sophia with his sexy accent and words. The chemistry between these two is top notch. Elliott is also a big old teddy bear when it comes to Sophia. He allows Sophia to see a side of him no one else has seen.


The ending is everything a HEA should be. The aww factor is high here, not only with the way Elliott and Sophia fall for one another, but the relationship with her daughters. The way the girls welcome Elliott in heir mother's life is very sweet.


A Taste of Heaven will quench your appetite for all things romance, especially one with such heart. A winning romance, and slice of fiction that gave me so many feels while I read.