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Review: Here All Along

— feeling angel
Here All Along (The Kelly Brothers Book 7) - Crista McHugh

Here All Along (Kelly Brothers #7) by Crista McHugh is a nice contemporary romance about best friends who are perfect for one another. The joy in reading is because of the hero, Gideon, who’s head over heels in love with hie best friend/assistant Sarah. These two mesh so well together, but in order or to have a story, we need drama and some angst, which happens when Gideon wants more than just friendship with Sarah. Unfortunately for Gideon, Sarah is afraid to rock the boat of their relationship. If she becomes Gideon’s lover, she’ll be forced into the spotlight again, which almost got her killed.


Gideon is a big time actor, who is filming in Las Vegas for his next movie. He relies on Sarah, his favorite person in the world. She’s his loyal assistant who always keeps him on track. Sarah knows the Hollywood lifestyle and atmosphere all too well. She was once a teen star who crashed and burned hard. She even won a Golden Globe for one of her last performances, but got addicted to alcohol, drugs and partying. She ended up in a car accident because of her substance abuse. She recovers with the help of Gideon. Three years later she’s under the radar, totally forgotten by the press and the public. She’s spend her free time designing clothes in the hopes she can become a fashion designer. She does love working for Gideon, but she feels it’s time to move on. The sticky thing is, Gideon kissed her a few months ago, and she knows he wants more than what they currently have. Sarah is afraid to ruin what she has with Gideon, who will try to pull out all the stop to convince her to be his girl.


These two go to Vegas where Gabe, Gideon’s co-star recognizes Sarah. He thinks she would be a great addition to the movie, even though Gideon warns him to leave Sarah alone. Gideon tries his best to prove to Sarah how right they are for one another, but she’s stubborn and won’t give in. But then the word gets out about Sarah, and the director of the movie may force her to back into the spotlight and ruin everything for her and Gideon for good.


The reason to read Here All Along is because of Gideon. He’s so gone over Sarah that no other woman holds a candle to her. You really feel for the guy because he wears his heart on his sleeve, but Sarah lives in fear because of her past addictions, including her normalcy she abides by. She has basically hid in plain sight since her accident, and still feels shame for the way she has turned out, as well as relying on Gideon’s good graces for far too long. Sarah’s self-flagellation became tiresome, but her interactions with Gideon makes up for it. These two have great chemistry.


The story loses some steam toward the end because Sarah refuses to let go and accept all that Gideon wants to give her. I found Gabe to be a throw away character. He was very annoying and didn’t really bring anything substantial to the story as a whole. He came across as this annoying spoiled kid who pushes Gideon’s buttons for no reason.

If you like a romance featuring a hero who is extremely loyal and dedicated to the heroine, including the behind the scenes atmosphere of movie making and Hollywood, then Here All Along should appeal to you.