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Review: Under His Skin

— feeling alien
Under His Skin (Alien Encounters) - Stacey O'Neale

If you like light and fluffy sci-fi romance with a yummy alien hero, Under His Skin, the first book in the Alien Encounters series by Stacey O’Neale is the the book for you. Even though this is considered sci-fi romance, the sci-fi element is more in the background and reads more like a contemporary romance. But if you don’t mind the more subtle sci-fi element, Stacey writes engaging characters, especially with Anna and Kaden, the main couple that should satisfy readers.


Kaden, along with is brothers, are aliens working the the FBI. The reason they’re here on Earth is because their planet was destroyed. The have made their home on Earth, and are quite comfortable, even though the US government is always watching them. These men also have to be careful with human relationships with women so they don’t end up bonding or mating with them. Kaden is in a bit of a bind because he has deep feelings and Anna, a baker who’s also his closest friend. She’s definitely interested in taking things to the next level with him, but he purposely acts oblivious to her feelings because he can’t have a relationship with her. As she dates other men, his jealousy grows, and soon his heartbeat is beating in time with hers, meaning she’s his mate. But when Anna is targeted by a mysterious stalker, and the FBI comes around saying they have proof that more aliens from Kaden’s home planet are on Earth and might be out to cause problems, Kaden has to figure out a way to keep Anna safe and if h should reveal all to her.


Under His Skin is a fun time read that is pretty predictable in terms of the romance and the story. Kaden and Anna have great chemistry. Both have adorable responses to one another in regards to their attraction. This is the type of romance that will give you a few hours of reading enjoyment.