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Review: A Wish Upon Jasmine

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A Wish Upon Jasmine (La Vie en Roses) (Volume 2) - Laura Florand

Reading a Laura Florand novel is like savoring a piece or dark chocolate or sipping a glass of wine slowly. She has a way with words, a build up of sensuality, a seductive dance between the main couple that has me sighing, and always wanting more. So is the case of A Wish Upon Jasmine. The second book in the La Vie en Roses series is delicious, even though perfume is front and center, although succulent dates make their mark. This is Damien’s story, and the suffering he goes through as a woman from his past he has never forgotten shows up and causes him pain, not because she vindictive, but because he fell for her hard and she thought he used her for a one night stand and then stole her company out from under her feet. There’s a lot of miscommunication between Damien and Jasmin, the woman he aches for, but their anger and hurt toward one another makes for a long journey for both as they lick their wounds and try to heal from the pain both has caused one another. The outcome is the ultimate reward because these two are combustible together.


Jasmin’s father owned a perfume company. She learned everything she knew about making perfume from him. She even created Spoiled Brat, one of the top top 3 perfumes respected and admired in the perfume industry. Jasmin is suffering not only from the death of her father 6 months ago, but she feels she was deceived and targeted by Damien, who she slept with, not knowing his true identity. The next morning she leaves him and then her whole world implodes. He stole her father’s company, including the offshoot she was given. Heartbroken and depressed she refuses to let Damien explain. They go their separate ways, but then she’s given a legacy from a relative on her father’s side of the family in France. She is the new owner of a perfume shop, which was once a glove shop many years before that. This perfume shop is special to Damien’s family, the Rosiers, and his great aunt has handed it over to Jasmin for no viable reason he can think of. The first day Jasmin arrives in her shop, Damien visits, and all the pain Jasmin pushed deep down inside comes tumbling out. Damien will fight her for the shop back. She’s ready to fight for it just to spite him. But then he decides to give her a chance to keep the shop. She has to make him a perfume that is his own personal scent. She accepts and the game is on.


There is a lot of anger and almost hate between these two. Jasmin is still very much attracted to Damien even though she can’t stand him. Damien acts all high and mighty and cold and snooty, but as she gets to know his family and how he was like when he was younger, she sees a different side to him. Damien never meant to use Jasmin so callously. He has to make her believe he never meant to hurt her. He wants her trust again, including the perfume she’s making him so he has some special by her that she created only for him and no other man. Eventually the walls they both placed around their hearts crumble and they find out the truth about their night together and the events that follow. These events give Jasmin and Damien and different opinion about one another and ever so slowly they begin to heal one another with the help of Damien’s cousins and other relatives.


A Wish Upon Jasmine is an electric read because the pages crackle with intensity and emotion. Jasmin and Damien are very stubborn people. They act before they think, as well as feel deeply. Jasmin  is blind to her gifts and thinks she doesn’t have much to offer people. Damien is very much a closed off rich alpha business man who expects Jasmin to bow down to him. She won’t, which makes him frustrated. He’s also frustrated in other ways, which is mainly sexual. He’s hiding a big secret regarding Jasmin that she doesn’t figure out until the end. The reader is in the same boat. We don’t know what Damien’s true feelings are for Jasmin. But when it’s all revealed, and the miscommunication factor is dealt with, you bet you’ll end up sighing and awwwing because it shows a very different side to Damien’s personality.


Jasmin and Damien’s attraction is so palatable that you can taste it. Laura purposely take her time with these two before we can get to the sexual fireworks. And when they finally go off, it’s a great payoff. She makes a great case for some outdoor nooky involving a fallen tree trunk. It may sound kinky, but it’s more tastefully erotic and satisfying.


A Wish Upon Jasmin is a romance that will wet the appetite of any reader. Another winner from Laura.