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Review: Wicked Ever After

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Wicked Ever After - Delilah S. Dawson

If you’ve read Wicked as The Come, you’re in for a treat with Wicked Ever After, the 4th and final book in Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud series. In a nutshell, this is Tish’s HEA with Criminy, the sexy bludman who is one my my favorite heroes in the last five years in paranormal romance. Delilah gives these two quite a sendoff that won’t disappoint!

Wicked Ever After occurs six years after Tish came to the Sang, basically living there as Crim’s beloved wife, while she goes back to Earth to check in on her dying grandmother, Nana. Tish has a big problem. She has aged drastically while in the Sang. Only 32, she looks closer to 60. Because she won’t become a full blown bludman like her husband, who can live hundreds of years and still look young, she’ll continue to age and may even die. But when she goes under to check on her grandmother on Earth, she’s the same as when she first entered the Sang because six years in Sang is only a few weeks on Earth.

The reason Tish won’t become a Blud is because she can’t leave her dying grandmother alone. Once Tish is a Blud, she’s no longer human, stuck in Sang forever. Crim makes a good case for Tish to change over. Crim adores and loves Tish. He lusts after her every chance he can get, not caring that she’s aging. But then Tish has an idea. She’ll bring her sick Nana, who is dying of cancer to the Sang. Then Crim will transform her into a Blud.


What follows for Tish after Nana comes to the Sang and becomes a Blud is a catastrophe for Tish. Nana, who only wants to be called by her real name of Ruby is healed, and looks much younger and vibrant, but has a personality transplant. She’s not the same woman who loved and raised Tish. Ruby wants to go off on her own and live her life that passed her by for so long. She doesn’t want to stick around and build a happy little family Tish assumed they would have. Ruby disappears with Crim’s strong man to possibly fight a witch that caused Tish incredible grief the first time around. Now Tish, along with Crim will go to London to find Ruby and hopefully defeat the evil witch. But Will Tish become Blud before she does?


Wicked Ever After is a rip-roaring adventure set in an alternate universe that’s supernatural, paranormal, and some Steampunk type elements. The setting and characters are rich and flavorful. Tish and Crim are an incredible couple with great chemistry. Crim is the big draw in reading here. Tish is torn between both worlds. You understand why she has stayed human for so long, mainly because of her grandmother, and the traits she takes for granted as a human (food is a big reason). But being a Blud has great advantages, which Crim shows her, from staying young for centuries, to great sex, and incredible strength and power. The downside is his world is filled with constant danger. But Tish has Crim and many friends to protect her.


The last quarter of this tale has a lot of great actions, some twists, and Tish finally coming into her own. The ending is everything lovely. A nice HEA that will make you smile.


I’m so glad Delilah let us revisit Tish and Crim again. A nice goodbye to a great romantic couple. Don’t miss out on this one!