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Review: Kissing Mr. Right

— feeling bad smell
Kissing Mr. Right - Michelle Major

Kissing Mr. Right by Michelle Major has a great premise. The heroine is very independent and has a very specific plan for her professional future. The hero is a hunky Prince Charming type who is smitten with the heroine first, so much so that he goes out of his way to be understanding to her needs and wants. Within a week he knows the heroine is the “one”, meaning he wants marriage and a family. Also their initial introduction is the ultimate “meet cute”. But the overall story loses major steam because there isn’t a lot of angst or drama other than the hero’s issues with his shady father. Also the heroine’s plans entirely change because the hero guilt trips the heroine into wanting to be with him because he’s a great catch, and what they have is the real deal. The heroine has a great shot at something great, but she’s expected to give it all up to remain with the hero, and that HEA is much better than her career.


Kendall is a news reporter in Denver. For the past three years, she has done more fluff pieces than hard hitting news. She’s fed up because she wants to be taken seriously. While driving to work, she spots a huge billboard with her on it, and stating she’ll go on blind dates for the entire Denver community to watch and vote on. She slams into a car in front of her, which is Tyler, a landscaper who owns his own company. Tyler isn’t that upset with the accident because he gets to meet Kendall, who has a crush on. They exchange information, and he even helps her get her car fixed. When Tyler asks her out on a date, she shuts him down, making an excuse she is too busy to date. Tyler assumes Kendall is into rich business suit types. But these two will meet again after Tyler is asked to work on a hard hitting news story with Kendall. She has no choice to accept his help, and after a few more interactions, Kendall softens toward Tyler, so much so, that she acknowledges her attraction to him. Tyler is over the moon that Kendall is interested in him, but she tells him they can’t have a future together because she has to stick to her plan for her career. But Tyler thinks he and Kendall have a great thing, so why wouldn’t she give up making all her dreams come true knowing she could have the real deal, aka true love with the man of her dreams?


Kissing Mr. Right should have been a cute contemporary romance, but it’s far from that. It tries for that lighthearted feeling but there’s too many dark themes regarding Kendall, and Tyler’s past dealing with their social status and different things they want in life. Kendall gives up her dreams for Tyler because he guilt trips her because he loves her deeply. You get a good idea how much Tyler cares for Kendall, but I didn’t get the same from Kendall. She certainly have a physical attraction to Tyler, and cared for him, but full blown love? I didn’t see it. Also the build up of their attraction was satisfactory, but the love scenes were very subtle and more fade to black. I just didn’t believe in these two, and their HEA. I felt Kendall would grow bitter toward Tyler because she gave in to him to made him happy. It’s all about his wants and needs, which I found to be selfish on his part.


When all is said and done, Kissing Mr. Right is was a disappointing read even though Michelle Major tries her best to make a good case for Kendall and Tyler to be together. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.