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Ellora's Cave versus Dear Author settlement

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— feeling bad egg

So, I'm suspicious that EC settled before having to open their books.  Or that with the settlement having some gag order conditions we'll ever know the financial details until next legal action.


Good luck to all the authors trying to be paid royalties owed and/or get their rights back.  I'm not a lawyer and have no knowledge of settlement or anything about this case except what I've seen online -- but, I think if EC does go into bankruptcy that all the rules change on collecting royalties and rights.  I sincerely hope the court in the event of bankruptcy filing does make an effort to help author victims.


And cheers to author Courtney Milan still posting coherent explanations and stubbornly insisting it was about chilling speech:

"...I point this out because I am extremely, extremely pissed off about this lawsuit. I believe that this lawsuit was filed for the purpose of chilling speech–and for the purpose of chilling true speech about a matter of imminent public concern..."