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Review: Stirring Up Trouble

Stirring Up Trouble (The Rosewood Series Book 3) - Andrea Laurence

Stirring Up Trouble (Rosewood #3) by Andrea Laurence is a great story for those who like the opposites attracting trope, and how the main couple trade insults at one another, which is actually a type of foreplay for both. This was a very uber-cute small town romance with a stuck up heroine who falls for the seemingly blue collar worker who eventually steals her heart. A very light-heated tale with a few awww worthy romantic gestures from the hero that will make you smile.


The heroine Maddie is a prim and proper, pearl clutching type of woman, who comes from a very well to do family. She’s pretty much daddy’s little girl, and a former mean girl in high school. But Maddie is very different from when she was a teenager, which you see right from the start. Maddie has been given many things in life but she wants to prove she’s a hard worker and not a spoiled rich girl. She owns and runs her own bakery, and gets up at the crack of dawn to bake and create tasty desserts her small town community will love. She also bought her own house, on what she thought was a desirable, but quiet street. Unfortunately for her, Emmett owns the bar right across from her house, and because of his rowdy patrons, she can’t get to sleep. She makes sure he’s suffering as much as she is and calls the cops on him, which happens to be her brother.


Emmett is more than annoyed by Maddie because he ends up paying a fine every time she calls the police. She wants his bar closed by 10pm, which he can’t do because he makes most of his money then by having live bands and a big crowd. He thinks Maddie has a big stick up her butt. She may think he’s low class, but Emmett hides a big secret. Let’s just say he left the stress of his old job to open a bar in a small town. But Maddie is about to ruin everything for him. Even her brother is fed up and ends up handcuffing the two together, in order for them to work out their problems. When that doesn’t help, they’re both arrested and must work community service together.


Not only are Maddie and Emmett forced to be in each others company, there’s a graffiti artist spray painting huge penises on town landmarks. Maddie and Emmett decide to try and catch the criminal, aka The Penis Picasso, which leads to some late night detective work, which helps change their opinion about one another. Both are attracted to one another, but they’re like oil and water. Emmett is fine with keep things under the radar so Maddie doesn’t have to answer to her family and snooty friends, but as she and Emmett grow close, she wants to date him out in the open. But Maddie has been burned by men before because they only dated her for access to her family and fortune. Can she trust Emmett not to break her heart? And will Emmett reveal his secret to Maddie so they can have a clean slate and work on a future together?


Stirring up Trouble is a fun read. It’s a bit loopy and slapstick, but it has a lot of heart on the pages, especially with the cast of characters Emmett and Maddie interact with. Both have great chemistry and their personal issues are solved in a way that should please readers. Emmett’s one big romantic gesture for Maddie is very swoonworthy and romantic. It deals with the Penis Picasso, and how Emmett does a little graffiti of his own to show how much Maddie means to him.


Stirring Up Trouble is a feel good romance, and a recommended read.