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Review: The Billionaire Takes a Bride

The Billionaire Takes a Bride - Jessica Clare

The Billionaire Takes a Bride (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #3) by Jessica Clare is the first book in this on-going series that I’ve read (Even though I didn’t read book 1 and 2, I wasn’t lost). I’m so glad I decided to pick this one up because it’s a fantastic read. It’s an engaging romance with a cute plot and enough uniqueness that really kept me reading to the point I didn’t want to stop. Jessica makes the billionaire hero, who hooks up with a roller derby addicted, soap making Etsy selling heroine work incredibly well. These two are so adorable together!


Sebastian is the son of very rich parents. He’s a trust fund baby, but surprisingly well rounded and not a snob, even though his family has their own popular reality show ala The Kardashians. Sebastian refuses to be on the show even though his entire family loves the spotlight. His mother will even fake a cancer scare for ratings. Sebastian wants to stay out of the limelight. But when his ex-girlfriend he dated for a hot second reappears on the show to try and get back with him, he realizes he needs some sort of plan to get rid of her and keep the tabloids, and his mother at bay. That’s where Chelsea comes into the picture.


Chelsea loves roller derby, and making a living selling homemade soap on-line. To everyone around her, she’s this happy go lucky woman who seems to enjoy everything life has to offer. but she hides a big secret. She’s afraid of the dark and can’t sleep alone. She was the victim of a rape she can’t remember because she was drugged. The aftermath of her assault sticks with her. She’s not comfortable around men at all. When her fellow roller derby roommate moves out because of a job transfer, Chelsea is worried she’ll have constant panic attacks, especially at night. But things will look up for her when she meets Sebastian at her friend’s engagement party.


Sebastian is in awe of Chelsea. She’s very witty and honest, and doesn’t act like he walks on water like most women do. He’s also attracted to her. She’s someone he wouldn’t mind being friends with. Chelsea is very comfortable with Sebastian, so much so, she can relax with him . She’s thrown for a bit of a loop when he offers marriage. It will be a fake marriage in order to get rid of his annoy ex-girlfriend and to beat his mother at her own game. Since Chelsea needs a roommate, and since Sebastian is such a great guy, she accepts and moves into his place. These two bond even further and become very good friends. When Sebastian catches Chelsea having one of her meltdowns because of her fear of her dark, he comforts her. He likes to snuggle with her in bed, not minding if they sleep together because he doesn’t push Chelsea for more. But when she reveals the truth about her issues with being intimate with men, and her assault, Sebastian takes it upon himself to help her heal and offer Chelsea his own special TLC, which Chelsea accepts.


The Billionaire Takes a Bride is sexy, sweet and everything else in between. Sebastian is more on the beta side than an alpha. He sees how great of a woman Chelsea is, and hands over his trust to her without expecting anything else in return. Their initial interactions establish a great relationship for these two, which allows them to become lovers. Sebastian is also very supportive of Chelsea’s roller derby, going as far to cheer her on.


The only downside is Chelsea’s final step toward her recovery regarding her assault. The way Sebastian “heals” her through his lovemaking was nice, but how her rapist is dealt with and how her case is solved was more of an afterthought and not all that believable. In order for Sebastian and Chelsea to have their HEA, every little issue they have had to be solved, which was just too pat. Some readers may not mind how this was handled, but it threw me out of the story. Otherwise, The Billionaire Takes a Bride was an enjoyable read. It’s one I would recommend to readers who enjoy contemporary romance that has a unique spin on the rich hero and his down to Earth bubbly heroine.