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Review: Licked

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Licked (L.A. Liaisons Book 1) - Brooke Blaine

Licked (L.A. Liaisons #1) by Brooke Blaine is the first book in a series in what I assume will be about four girlfriends that has a big Sex in the City vibe. The blurb and the premise caught me eye because Licked felt like a Chick Lit, but it takes place in Los Angeles, CA instead of England. Licked is a nice start to this series, and those looking for a strong independent heroine, and her adorable “meet cute” with the man of her dreams will enjoy Licked.


The heroine Ryleigh has an amazing job running a success vintage ice cream shop with really inventive, funny and sexy names for her ice cream creations. She’s expanding to have an adult bar for those who like booze with their ice cream. Ryleigh loves wearing dresses and high heels. She also loves everything vintage from the 1950’s and 1960’s. She was pretty much like this ten year’s ago in high school. Back then she was on the outskirts of popularity because of her quirky fashion sense. She ends up going to her high school reunion with the goal to amaze her former crush, Cameron, the most popular guy in her school who also played football. He’s the first person she bumps into. He’s streaking naked down the hall for a dare, and Ryleigh ends up grabbing a certain part of him she has always dreamed of seeing and touching. From that semi-embarrassing interaction, they hit it off (after Cameron is fully clothed). Ryleigh is shocked because Cameron always remembered her. He asked her to come home with him, and she thinks she’ll spend the night having hot sex with him. Well, things don’t go according to plan because the next morning she wakes up on Cameron’s couch and meets his equally hot roommate, Hunter.


Before she and Cameron can get hot and heavy, he has to fly out of the country on business. During this time Hunter will renovate Licked, her ice cream shop. Ryleigh really wants to create something special with Cameron, but then there is Hunter who makes her insides tremble, as well as melt like an ice cream sundae in 90 degree heat. Now she’s torn between both me who are so perfect. Does she go after her former high school crush or the sexy contractor who makes her motor run in ways it never has before?


Licked is a light and fluffy novel with a lot of ice cream and lust, mainly from Ryleigh. She has three great friends who support her, and are very blunt and honest with their opinions. Cameron is truly a prince charming of a man. He’s a gentlemen through and through, and perhaps too perfect. Hunter is more of the sex god in Ryleighe’s eyes, and their interactions and dialogue had a great deal of sexual innuendo’s. Ryleigh has great chemistry with both Cameron and Hunter, so whoever she chooses will make readers happy. But when she decides on her man, the sex between them is scorching.


I would say this is in the solid B range, but I ended up giving Licked a B- because of the unneeded drama and angst that occurs toward the end between Ryleigh and her suitor, who may or may not be keeping a big secret from her. it really doesn’t make any sense why he would freak out because Ryleigh wanted to know what he hid. I felt this was tacked on just to keep the story going and not give in too soon regarding Ryleigh’s HEA. It was the weakest part of Licked. There’s also a subplot about Ryleigh being on a reality show, and how that all comes together.


Ryleigh is a very unique,  eccentric heroine I could admire. I do think Brooke has something special with the L.A. Liaisons series. I look forward to the next books with Ryleigh’s friends finding their own HEA’s.