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Review: Christmas at Lilac Cottage

— feeling angel
Christmas at Lilac Cottage: A perfect romance to curl up by the fire with (White Cliff Bay Book 1) - Holly Martin

Christmas at Lilac Cottage (White Cliff Bay #1) by Holly Martin is one of the those cozy feel good books that will keep you smiling until you reach the last page. Even though the book (and the title) is a winter holiday centric theme, Christmas at Lilac Cottage can be read all year round. It’s a very sweet read, perfect for teens and adults alike. The romance is very PG-13, and would be a great TV movie for the Hallmark Channel or on Lifetime.


Penny lives in an adorable cottage alone. She decides to rent out the other half because she’s lonely. She’s an artist with a very interesting job. She’s a talented ice sculptor but her personal life is lacking, including her love life. Penny is a very generous and kind woman who has a positive outlook on life. She thinks her new neighbors, a husband and wife, will be perfect for her. She envisions a start of a great friendship with the couple, but what she gets instead is a slap in the face. Her new neighbor is a father with a teenage daughter. Penny goes out of her way to make them welcome, but Henry at first is very cold and snappish. On the other hand, his daughter Daisy is friendlier. When Henry realizes that he’s been a jerk to Penny, he changes his tune quick, mainly because of Daisy. He sees how lovely Penny is, and they slowly become friends. Penny is a great influence for Daisy, who helps Penny with her ice sculptures. Soon the townspeople wonder if Penny and Henry are more than just neighbors, especially some of the women, who always treated Penny indifferent, now try to get on Henry’s good side so he’ll ignore Penny. But Henry can see what they’re up to. He’ll stick with Penny, because that’s what good friends do. But as Henry and Penny grow closer, their feelings for one another change. Can they take that next step from friends and neighbors into something more?


Christmas at Lilac Cottage has some moments of humor as Penny and Henry fall in love. Daisy is a great portrayal of a teen, who also has her own budding romance to her father’s dismay. Penny seems to be the voice of reason when it comes to Daisy’s wants and needs, which Henry tries to understand, but he’s very set in his ways. These two have some bumps in the road for their HEA, which leads to some mishaps, but of the sweet kind.


Christmas at Lilac Cottage is full of frothy and fluffy fun. A great book to bring you out of any doldrums you may be experiencing.