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Review: Sweet Ruin

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Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark) - Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole continues to astound me with her writing. I’m a big fan girl of hers, and her Immortal After Dark series is my crack reading. So when I first heard she was publishing another book in this series, featuring two completely new characters, I groaned in frustration because I thought Sweet Ruin would be a straight up filler book some long times series have in order to keep the series continuing (Looks at J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood as an example). Some readers may feel Sweet Ruin is filler because fans of this series want Furie and Kristoff’s book, or more about Nix, and the reveal on who her mate might possibly be. I started reading Sweet Ruin with some reservations, but ten pages in, I was hooked, which is usually the case when it comes to Cole’s writing. Kresley is an amazing storyteller and really grabs readers by the throat. Sweet Ruin is a perfect blend of supernatural and paranormal, with great dialogue, wit, humor, and some of the hottest love scenes Kresley has written to date (I’m talking NC-17 in your face, dripping sex). Sweet Ruin gives some subtle insight on where the series is heading, and perhaps the final outcome, especially with Thad, the sweet and somewhat naive seventeen year old Nix has taken a liking too, which makes me go hmmm….


Sweet Ruin isn’t Thad’s book, but his sister’s Josephine. We meet Thad again in the past when he was only two years old and living on the street with his Josephine, who’s around eleven. Josephine has major memory loss. She was found on the street with Thad when he was a baby. They went into foster care, but she bounced out and took Thad with her. She tries to survive the best way she knows how,and caring for Thad. She does have a supporter in a sweet librarian who wants to adopt both of them. Josephine has big trusts issues with adults but wants the best for her little brother. While she leaves Thad in the librarian’s care, she’s accosted by some bad guys who shoot her in the face. When she wakes up, she’s a ghost. Josephine doesn’t have any idea what’s going on, but she likens herself to a superhero. She’ll plan on taking Thad back now that she’s indestructible. But things don’t go according to her plan, and she’s left alone to fend for herself.


15 years later, Josephine is still on her own. She steals and lies, while taking down criminals. Her superhuman strength combined with her ability to be invisible or drift inside people is something she loves, but she doesn’t have anyone to share it with. That’s where Rune comes into the picture. He’s part dark fey, part demon, and his blood is poisonous. Rune is the ultimate tortured hero. His past his heartbreaking because of what he had to do to survive. His best skill is sex. He has a magic penis. He uses his magic penis to get information he needs in order to eliminate Nix because she wants to change the rules of the immortals’ world. Josephine and Rune’s first introduction is very naughty and dirty. It’s a scene straight out of an old school historical romance where the heroine catches the Duke of Slut in the middle of sexxing up some woman. For some reason, they both can’t understand, Josephine and Rune connect even though she won’t be seduced by his magic penis. She’ll only have sex with a man she’ll commit to. The comedic ha-ha element is watching Ruin try to seduce and cajole Josephine to hoping on board his magic penis.


Josephine to Rune: “You got a woodie; I got a wettie. Doesn’t mean mine was for yours.” “Some caveman carry big sticks. Doesn’t mean I want to get clubbed with one.”


Josephine is clueless to the immortal world, the creatures and the upcoming Armageddon, which Rune patiently explains to her. They become a fighting team of sorts, especially when Josephine spots Thad with Nix. She thinks Nix had taken control of Thad. Rune is confused because he mistakenly thinks Josephine is on Nix’s side. Chaos ensues then for both Rune and Josephine then, and it’s a real trip, leading to some twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat and anxious for more.

Josephine is what is known as a kick ass heroine. She’s a warrior and a fighter who is extremely loyal to those she loves, mainly Thad. You can taste her dedication and love for her little brother. She loves to turn Rune’s world upside down.Watching Rune give chase is awesome because it leads to some of the hottest foreplay and sex scenes I’ve read this year. The first love scene between them is scorching to the point I swore I was blushing. And the first intimate act between these two isn’t intercourse, but foreplay. Kresley has really has upped her skill at writing sex. 100% combustible.


The one downside is that Sweet Ruin is a hard book to describe because there’s so much going on. Sorry to say that if you want to start reading the IAD series for the first time with book #16, you’ll be utterly confused. It’s too complex, much like a puzzle. This book is mainly for those who follow the series. But for those who love reading this series, there’s so much to like in this book. The characters are wacky, yet entertaining, especially a demon who acts like a pirate down to his brogue, who Josephine gets a big kick out of. Rune’s reaction to Josephine feeling up the pirate demons horns is hilarious. I found myself chuckling many times as I read.


Daring, bold and in your face describes a Kresley Cole read. Sweet Ruin is a perfect example of this, and going in my top 5 favorite books for 2015.