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Review: The Fix Up

The Fix Up (First Impressions) - Tawna Fenske

The Fix Up by Tawna Fenske is an easy breeze fluffy romance that has an adorable hero because he's very unique in his thinking and the way he lives his life. He's definitely a beta, and a nerd, who doesn't want to change but feels he has to because of his father. This was a nice switch for a change because most romances has the heroine making a change somehow in order to impresses others, or her family. This time it's the hero.


Ben is taking over as CEO for his father, who thinks Ben needs major improvements about himself STAT. He prefers working in a lab or hanging out at home watching cheesy sci-fi movies. He's also not big on social interaction or seducing barely legal model type ladies like his father does. Ben is at a furniture store buying new pieces for his penthouse, and finds himself in an awkward situation because the saleswoman is hitting on him hardcore. He's saved by a female customer who pretends to be his wife to get the flirty saleswoman off his back. Holly owns and operates a PR firm, and is having some money problems because her ex-husband still has his name on the lease . In order for him to give it up, she needs to pay him off. Her ex is bitter (he never shows his face), or so we're told (not shown) because he expected Holly to concentrated on her family first and foremost over her business. She needs a big client to save her. Ben is impressed by Holly and hires her to make him over into a CEO his father can admire. At first Holly turns him down because she's too attracted to Ben, but he'll pay her triple her regular rate. She accepts because the money is too good to turn down.


Holly thinks Ben is okay the way he is, although he is a little rough around the edges. But instead of giving him a total makeover, she gives him advice, helping him with public speaking and more self-confidence that seems to work. But after Holly's work is done, can she move on even though she's falling for Ben?


The reason to read The Fix Up is because of Ben. I loved him as a hero. His shyness and wanting to impress his father is endearing. He's also very buff and handsome, which makes him a near perfect hero. And even though he's a little awkward, for some reason he has great skills in the bedroom. The love scenes with him and Holly were okay, but pretty typical regarding of what I've read before in this type of book. The dirty talk from Ben seemed out of place with his personality and didn't work for me either. But Tawna does make Ben and Holly work. Their chemistry was believable.


Unfortunately there's more telling than showing, and not enough depth to make The Fix Up a memorable story that it should be. Holly's ex-husband is a big reason for her motivation in working with Ben, but we never see him. I felt he should have had at least one appearance, but he never materialized. Also the Ben's father comes across as more as a caricature (too one-dimensional) who only cares about sleeping with women, money and drinking. Their fragile son and father relationship is important but it's never resolved in an adequate way. I was hoping for something deeper and more heartfelt or some type of understanding between them by the end. It didn't deliver.


The Fix Up should appeal to fans of contemporary romance searching for a unique hero who's not your run of the mill alpha millionaire CEO. An okay read to lose a few hours in if you have them to spare.

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