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Review: Act Like It

— feeling kissed
Act Like It - Lucy V. Parker

Act Like It by Lucy Parker hit so many high spots for me while I read. It’s a very British novel, almost Chick-Lit in it’s telling.  It’s all about the theater and acting, including what happens behind the scenes. The characters are very lovable, especially the heroine, who loves acting, and not because of the fame and fortune. And when she’s forced to pretend to be in a romance with the snobbish and condescending star of the show, it really shines because Lucy Parker writes great chemistry between the main couple. The change in the hero after he has his pretend relationship with the heroine is great and full of many awww’s that occurs between the two especially when they heroine falls very ill, and the hero is there to help her get better because he really does care for her.


Elaine is starring in a popular and respected show in the West End. She loves her role, but she hates how she has to star with her recent ex-boyfriend who has cheated on her (she has to kiss him during every performance). But Elaine grins and bears it because this could be her shot at something greater, such as bigger roles that may include movies. The biggest star of the production, Richard, is a big jerk. He acts like he’s a god. Richard has a bit of temper and can be very rude and insulting. The producers and director feel Richard’s attitude, and the way he acts in public could ruin the show and keep away an audience, meaning poor ticket sales. Along with his agent, they come up with a great plan, or so they think. Since Elaine is very well liked, even in the press, they feel she could make Richard more likable if they become a couple. Elaine and Richard are essentially blackmailed into this arrangement. Elaine will make the best of it, even though Richard isn’t down for it. But Elaine can hold her own with Richard. She can be sarcastic like him, including trade barbs and insults like he first does to her. But as these two are forced to be in each others company, they start to respect one another. Richard might come from a family with money and respect, but he never experience love from his parents like Elaine does with her family. Elaine also lost her younger sister to cancer. These two open up to one another, and share their fears and desires.


Act Like It is a very engaging novel. Elaine and Richard bounce off on one another incredibly well. Richard loosens up because of Elaine, and she in turn becomes more confident. Their path to having true feelings for one another is a slow build up that’s very real and satisfactory. Richard out of his element, especially when he’s invited to parties with Elaine’s family. This scenario is very cute.  Everything Elaine thought she knew about Richard is wrong.  He becomes a big part in her life, not just as her lover, but as a friend.


The love scenes are more on the subtle side, but not too shabby. Elaine’s ex-boyfriend Will is more dimensional, and not just a throw away character to make conflict and tension. The ending is everything “swoonworthy”.


Act Like It gets two thumbs up from me.