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Review: The Perfect Proposal

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A Perfect Proposal - Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde is my go to author for everything cute and adorable. A Perfect Proposal is near perfect with the way the story is laid out, and the characters. The HEA is one you want to hug close and not let go. A great combination of Chick-Lit and Romance, as well as a great read for teens and adults alike.


Sophie lives with slightly eccentric and academic family, who spends too much money. At 22, Sophie may be the youngest, but she is the most frugal and thrifty, knowing she must live within her means, although her parents and siblings like to think they’re rich. Unfortunately Sophie doesn’t have many opportunities to spread her wings. She’s the main caregiver for her family, although she has a great-uncle who may or may not be dying, and who may or may not have a big fortune to leave everyone when he dies. Sophie’s mother volunteers Sophie to take care of her uncle while his main caretaker is away.  It’s the best decision Sophie makes because she bonds with her uncle, who is very sweet and nice.


Around the same time Sophie is with her uncle, she had an opportunity to stay in NYC as a nanny. Her best friend lives in NYC also. Sophie accepts the job, but when she arrives, the job is no longer available. Sophie takes it all in stride, even though she’s pretty much broke. But her luck is going to change when she helps an older woman during a art show. The older woman was ready to faint, and Sophie saves her. The older woman is Matilda, a transplant from Britain. She comes from a lot of money. She takes to Sophie right then and there to the dismay of her judgmental lawyer grandson Luke. He assumes Sophie is out for Matilda’s money. But Matilda doesn’t care what he thinks, and neither does Sophie. She ends up inviting Sophie to her estate for Thanksgiving, which Sophie accepts.


Sophie really enjoys Matilda’s company. Soon Luke warms to Sophie. When he realizes she’s honest and not a con artist, he loosens up around her. She even helps him out, playing his pretend fiancee to keep the single, money grubbing ladies away from him. After, Sophie goes home, but has a new mission, Matilda wants Sophie to find her childhood home. Because Sophie wants to make Matilda happy, she gladly does the search. And then Luke pops on over for business, which becomes more when he helps Sophie on her mission. Or is he just keeping an eye on her because he may think she’s out to steal Matilda’s property for her own?


A Perfect Proposal has colorful characters all around in the form of Matilda, Sophie’s uncle, and her other family members. Luke has many different shades to his personality that slowly unravels as Sophie gets to know him better. The best scenes are when he and Sophie travel to small English towns and B&B’s together. Their relationship is too cute for words, and transforms in a very satisfactory way. But before everything is roses for both, there’s some miscommunication that occurs between then, putting a stop to their new found happiness with one another, and something that may frustrate the reader. The way it’s handled and finally solved is worthy because the ending is just too perfect. Luke proves he’s Sophie’s Prince Charming many times over.


“Charming” is the key word here with The Prefect Proposal. A wonderful book that leaves you with the warm fuzzies after you finished reading.