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"He took her mouth in a kiss full of promises and hope, the familiar passion and hunger that always made her hang on him with a feverish need that never waned. She almost surrendered to him then, almost welcoming the all-consuming rapture he brought out in her. Her stomach flipped, and then a flutter, which made her freeze.

He didn’t notice her hesitation. He plundered and took, swiping and circling with his tongue and mouth until she twisted her face away. He panted against her cheek, his breath choppy and his mouth damp.

As she pulled away, he locked an arm around her waist, and with his other hand, dipping inside his pocket and took out a small velvet bag. He dangled it in between them. “I’ve been carrying this on me since you left.”

“What is it?” she whispered.

“A ring. Your engagement ring.”

She didn’t take it. “You bought it after I left with Bryan?”

He stroked his palm down the side of her face. “I bought it when we first arrived in Maui. I was going to ask you to marry me on our anniversary.”

“Which anniversary?”

“The day of our commitment ceremony when you promised to belong to me, and obey only me.” He kissed her again.

Wrong answer. If he had said the first time he told her he loved her, or even the first time they made love, she would have relented, if only for a short time, even though when all was said and done, she would have still rejected his offer. The fantasy they shared together was over. They would never reclaim the magic they once had. It had all come to an end.

She lost herself one final time in his kiss, running her hands in his hair and tracing his face to remember it. She savored his taste and the power of his lust and love, overcome with sorrow, knowing she would never experience this type of feeling again with anyone. She finally broke off the kiss, the final conclusion. The way they began things was very much the way it would end. Their relationship had started with him bringing her to her knees as he kissed her in a way she had never been kissed before.

He dropped the bag in her palm and curled her fingers around it. Sitting on his heels, he waited for her answer.

She rose to her feet, staring at the top of his head. He didn’t join her, but continued to kneel before her, his own version of supplication, to appease her into accepting. A good act, but one she could see through.

She didn’t open the bag to check the ring. Instead, she set it on his palm, curling his fingers around it like he had done to her.

“I can’t marry you,” she said in a strong, precise voice.

His head shot up, his eyes tinged with red from his unshed tears. He captured her hand, the bag stuck in between their palms, digging into her skin. “This ring is meant to be on your finger. You will marry me.”

She tugged on her arm, but he wouldn’t release her. Alarm set in. “How are you going to make me marry you? Force me?”

“It’s for your own good,” he said in a robotic-type voice, his face devoid of all expression.

She needed to come up with another plan, and fast. “Let’s sit down and talk—”

“I’m finished talking.” His low voice jerked her toward him."
The Lock (Dark Path Series #3) - KT Grant

The Lock by KT Grant