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Review: Mad About the Man

— feeling money
Mad About the Man - Tracy Anne Warren

Mad About the Man (The Graysons #3) by Tracy Anne Warren has a cute setup with a very independent minded, workaholic lawyer heroine who is very dedicated to her job. Her professional and personal life goes into a tailspin when she comes face to face with someone from her past- a former bully of sorts who made her 7th grade year impossible. The former twelve-year-old bully, who actually had a thing for the heroine is a rich CEO who wants to make amends, so to speak. You can just imagine how he wants to do that, which causes the heroine grief because she finds herself very attracted to her former nemesis who now makes her enjoy life.


Brie is a smart and savvy lawyer who barely has a personal life. She has turned her back on love because she got involved with a co-worker at her old job, who happened to be married and he didn’t tell her. Her law firm she has worked at for the past five years or so is trying to grab a new client, some luxury hotel magnate with a lot of money to spend. Brie goes along to seal the deal, and is in for a big surprise because Maddox made her life miserable for a year when she was twelve. Maddox recognizes her right away, and is thrilled she’s back in his life. The only way he’ll change law firms and lawyers is if Brie is his lawyer. He sweetens the deal by suggesting to her bosses that she makes partner and is given a raise. Brie is annoyed Maddox would use this type of blackmail, but he makes no excuses. She’ll try and keep things professional between them, but Maddox is used to getting want he wants. He wants to prove to Brie he’s no longer that snot nosed kid she remembers so he can have a shot with her because somehow he knows she’s the only woman for him.


Mad About the Man is your typical romance about a rich, handsome CEO hero who tries to take over the heroine’s life. But this heroine is no push over. She eventually does cave, but Maddox has to work hard at seducing her. Brie is all work, while Maddox likes to play. She gives in somewhat, but believes her personal relationship has a deadline. Maddox has other ideas. This push and pull between the two was enjoyable to read, and in the end they have some nice chemistry.


The downside to Mad About the Man that made me stop from giving it 4 stars and only 3 stars is that there is too much filler in between. A large section of the story is about Brie home with her family. It pulled me out of the story and the connection Maddox tries to build with Brie. Also, there’s a soap opera type of jaw dropping shock that made me roll my eyes. It made no sense why this shock and awe road block for Maddox and Brie would be inserted in the plot. It comes out of left field and puts a big damper on the bond and trust Brie develops with Maddox. I also felt the story went on a bit too long, and even though I enjoyed Brie and Maddox’s interactions, things would have worked better as a novella.


Mad About the Man is okay as contemporary romances go, but it would have worked better without the two big issues I mentioned above.