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Review: Read, Write, Love

Read, Write, Love - Melissa Foster

Read, Write, Love (Love in Bloom #14) by Melissa Foster is a nice romance to read at the beach. It has that summertime feel to it. The opposites attract trope is strong here between a rigid, schedule driven writer who's obsessed with writing, and a free spirit heroine with a lovable pooch. This is an easy, breezy type of read Contemporary Romance fans should enjoy.


Kurt goes to the Cape not for vacation or to enjoy the beach. He's there to writing for hours on end, as he tries to make his latest deadline. He's a best selling mystery suspense author who has a very regimented schedule and routine. One day while he's in the the thick of his writing, he hears a woman's cries for help. She is Leanna, and her dog Pepper is in the ocean, and may drown. Kurt rescues Leanna and Pepper, although he's irked they ruined his precious writing time. But something about Leanna draws him to her. She takes each day as it comes, enjoying life at the beach, and selling her homemade jams at the local farmers' market. Kurt tries to get back to his way of doing things, but he can't get Leanna off his mind.


Leanna is attracted to Kurt, and goes out of her way to see him and get him to have fun. Kurt actually sacrifices some of his time to be with Leanna. As he gets to know her, he realizes there's more to life than just work. Leanna also learns from Kurt the importance of dedication. She wants to make her jam business more than just a part time job. She may have an opportunity to market and sell her jams in stores, but she needs a plan, as well as becoming more serious about her future. Kurt is there to help her, but when his book is finished, he plans on going back to NYC. Can he convenience Leanna to move with him to the big city even though her heart is set on staying where she is?


Read, Write, Love is a simple tale with a simple message. It's all about balance between work and play, which is shown with Kurt and Leanna. They have great chemistry together, and their love scenes are steamy and emotional. They are big on communicating and talking so there's no vagueness or deceit. Everything comes up roses for these two, especially with an ending that some may feel is a little too pat and fairy tale like, but then again this is a feel good romance more readers want.