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Review: The One Who Got Away

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The One That Got Away: A Novel - Bethany Chase

The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase is your typical Chick-Lit. fluffy Women's Fiction with a heavy dose of romance story that doesn't have a lot of conflict, other then the heroine stuck in a love triangle, and her final decision on who she chooses. Bethany has written and easy, breezy type of read with moments of humor and insight from the heroine and the world around her. She also has a unique career as an architect that's a plus also.


Sarina is a self-employed, talented architect (living paycheck to paycheck it seems. Where are her big commissions?) who lives with her adorable, gay friend, Danny. Noah, her loving boyfriend is in another country on business. Lately Sarina wonders if she is ready to marry Noah and start a family. It seems Noah, and his parents want the same. Sarina is close with her stepfather, especially after the death of her mother, which she still has a hard time dealing with years later. Everything looks on track for Sarina, until Danny's friend Eamon, a former Olympic swimmer, and Sarina's only one night stand (they knew one another for a few weeks, hung out and had an explosive night of passion together) enters the picture. She has never forgotten Eamon, and would have loved a relationship with him. But after their one night together, he walked out, never to be seen again. Eamon acts like they're old friends, and Sarina hides her hurt and attraction to him. He's bought a fixer upper, and Danny recommends Sarina design his house, to her dismay. How will she work closely with Eamon and still remain loyal to Noah, who's thousands of miles away?


Again, the conflict in The One Who Got Away is very light. The title pretty much gives away the story, but Sarina's heart is not handed over right away to either Noah or Eamon. For some it might be obvious who she picks, but it's a long road. We see Sarina come to terms with her dead mother, the idea of being a stay at home mom if she does marry Noah, and if Eamon just thinks of her as a friend and nothing more. Danny is a really pip, and great comic relief. Sarina's stepfather also has a colorful personality.

Simply sweet and somewhat predictable, but I did enjoy The One Who Got Away for what it's worth. Teens will enjoy this one as well as adults because the sensuality factor is very subtle in the PG-13 range.