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Review: Brotherhood in Death

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Brotherhood in Death - J.D. Robb

Brotherhood in Death is another great installment of this long running series by JD Robb. The gang’s all here, as in Eve and Roarke’s Scooby Doo type bunch as they race the clock to stop a group of killers out for revenge against some respected and powerful men, who behind the scenes are kinky and disturbing rapists. This case really grabs you by the throat, bringing forth many emotions, mainly from Eve because of her traumatic past, and how she stands by her badge to bring down those breaking the law, even if the victims are horrible people.


This case hits closer to home for Eve because the Mira’s (friends of Eve and Roarke) are involved. Dennis, the seemingly absent minded husband of Charlotte is going to confront his cousin Edward, who wants to sell their grandparent’s brownstone for a nice sum of money. When Dennis enters the house, he hears voices, and sees his cousin beaten up and tied to a chair. Something or someone knocks Dennis out, and when he wakes up, Edward is missing. Charlotte calls Eve for help. Eve and her loyal partner, Peabody investigate. At first it looks like Edward, a former high ranking senator may have been kidnapped. But then his body is found back at the brownstone a few days later. He’s hanging from a chandelier, beaten and sexual assaulted. The crime is one of revenge, and the vigilantes are targeting other men Edward was friends with, going back 20 + years where they formed a brotherhood. This brotherhood used and abused women in the worst way. Eve must find the killers before they strike again, even though she has some sympathy because of her own rape and assault at the hands of her father when she was a child. She knows all about vengeance and killing, not just because of her job, but how she ended up killing her father to save her life.


Brotherhood in Death has everything a fan of police procedural thrillers could want. Long time fans of this series will eat this one up. The concentration is more on solving the crime, but Roarke, Eve’s amazing husband, and the most perfect romantic hero of all time is there to support her. Like the prior books, we’re given small interludes into Roarke and Eve’s personal life and marriage of three years. Eve’s past also plays a big role, but not just because of her childhood trauma. There’s a scene where Roarke hires an interior designer to update her office, including getting rid of Eve’s desk, the one she had before she met him. He wants her to move ahead, meaning give up things she had before she met him, and welcome anew, showing they are a unit and all they need is each other. Eve snarls, Roarke gets his snooty Irish on over the issue, but the outcome is great, especially when it comes to hot makeup desk sex.


The writing is crisp and engaging. I didn’t want to stop reading until the last page. The subject material is dark, which seems to be more the case with each book. But in the end, you know Eve will catch her perps, and go home with Roarke and their pudgy cat, living out another HEA until the next book.


Kudos for this one!