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Review: Love Struck

Love Struck - Laurelin McGee

Love Struck (Miss Match #2) by Laurelin McGee is a typical type of contemporary romance that should appeal to most readers. The rock star, singing and songwriting element is a nice departure because Love Struck isn't necessarily a rock star romance. The music element is strong here because all the characters are musicians, specifically the hero and heroine who fall in love with one another before they meet face to face because of an online message board. I guess you could call this a "meet-cute" kind of scenario, but when they finally do meet face to face, neither one knows they "met" already online and have a somewhat committed relationship. It takes a while before they figure out what's going on, or rather I should say one half of the duo, which becomes somewhat boring because it goes on to long, causing the heroine to almost fall for another man who she thinks is her online boyfriend. Some may call this quaint, and gives off a cute, aw shucks vibe to the story, but I found myself speed reading to get to the end because the drama and overall plot didn't have much going on. The quirkiness of the first book, Miss Match I adored so much is missing here and left me dissatisfied overall. I wanted more pop, grab me by the throat and don't let go. What I got instead was more fizzle.


Lacy is the sister of the heroine from Miss Match. She's s singer/songwriter who's trying to make it big, but has stalled with her career. One of the reasons is she's still mourning the death of her fiance, who committed suicide. She makes just enough money to live on as an in-house musician at a recording studio. Her muse has officially disappeared, making it hard for her to write new music, or to even concentrate, in part because of her broken heart. She looks forward to going online and chatting with another member there who motivates her. She has no idea what his real name is, or what he looks like. The same goes for him regarding Lacy. Then Lacy is give the chance of a lifetime. She's offered the opening act for a hot up and coming band. She accepts. What she doesn't know is that one of the members of the band is her sweetheart online.


Eli and his band are about to hit it big. Eli writes most of the music and plays second fiddle to the lead singer Jax, his best friend who takes most of the credit for the band's success. Eli is thinking of going solo, but is comfortable with the band. What if he can't make it on his own? When Lacy arrives, she's welcomed into the fold. Eli and she hit it off, and soon they have sex. They both think it will be a one time thing, but Lacy's creative sparks comes back big time. She thinks sex with Eli will help her write the songs she needs for her new album. She'll continue to have sex with him, even though her heart belongs to here anonymous online sweetie. Eli feels the same, because he's dedicated to his "LoveCoda", although his feelings for Lacy grows. And then Lacy thinks Jax is her online sweetie, so now she's confused because she like Eli, but Jax is her soul mate.


Love Struck has some cute moments and that spark I want in my romance. Eli and Lacy are nice people who love music and just want to make a career out of it regardless if they hit it big or not. They embody the indie music lifestyle, with a touch of hipster combined. There is miscommunication throughout for these two, and even though they are confused on whether they want to be together. The "I love you" is announced far too soon, IMO. Jax has more personality than Eli when he shared the page with him, and with Lacy. But he has the almost damaged, emo bad boy rock star thing going on. He almost took over the story from Eli. I'm not sure if that was intentional to trick readers into creating a possible love triangle between Lacy, Eli and Jax. But was obvious where these three were headed, and who Lacy would choose.


Love Struck didn't wow me, but it did give me a few hours of reading enjoyment.