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DNF Review: Perfect Days

Perfect Days: A Novel - Raphael Montes

DNFed half way through. Perfect Days should have worked for me as a reader. The blurb caught my eye. The first few chapters are the most riveting as we're introduced to Teo, the protagonist of the story. From the first page all is not right with Teo. Something is "off" with him. He's pretty much going through the motions of life, but he's unbalanced, mainly because of his thoughts. He doesn't have much of an emotional connection to anyone or anything. He humors his mother because he has to, because she's his mother. Then he's forced to go to a party and meets the vivacious Clarice. She makes such an impression him that he becomes obsessed with her.


Teo is now in full stalker mode regarding Clarice. After a series of events, he drugs her and kidnaps her, taking her away to a seclude place, using the excuse that he just wants her to get to know the true him while she works on her book. She has no choice but to comply because he constantly drugs her and ties her up, even though there are people around who can help her. But Teo has many things up his sleeve to keep Clarice with him. But then one day her boyfriend shows up looking for her. Teo does the only thing he can to keep Clarice, and kills her boyfriend without her knowing. Soon they go on a road trip which changes everything for Teo and Clarice.


I stopped reading halfway through Perfect Days because the overall action is very cut and dry. I also found Clarice annoying, including her actions to her captivity didn't make sense. Because we never get into her mind, and only stay in Teo's it's hard connecting to Clarice and sympathize with her situation. Perfect Days would have been a much better read if there was dual POV's of Teo and Claire. Staying in Teo's mind the entire time because tedious. Nothing is left to the imagination because everything action is set out for the reader. I also feel Perfect Days would have worked better as a novella and not a full length book. I also found lacking content editing that could have made the story more cohesive and more fluid.


I did skip ahead to the end, and it does have a nice twist readers will like if they read all the way through. I just wish the middle was more exciting or had that something special that made made me want to finish.


Perfect Days just wasn't a perfect read for me. A pass.