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Review: Recipe for Love

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Recipe for Love - Katie Fforde

Recipe for Love is a typical Katie Fforde book- totally adorable and full of cheer and joy. Fans of foodie romance, will want to read Recipe for Love. The heroine is a down to earth amateur cook who has a hush hush sweet romance going on with one of the judges for a reality cooking show that could make the heroine’s dream come true. But not everything is roses here as the heroine’s roommate, a nasty wench of a woman causes the heroine trouble, even resorting to blackmail to get what she wants.


Zoe has entered a TV cooking competition in the hopes of opening her own business if she wins. Zoe loves to cook and thinks the reality show will be fun. She ends up meeting one of the judges, Gideon Irving, a Gordon Ramsey type, but one who isn’t too cruel or snarky. When his car gets stuck in the mud, Zoe helps him out. They both are unaware they’ll cross paths again. Zoe ends up rooming with another contestant. Cher is in it to win it not because she loves cooking, but she thinks she’ll get noticed by agents and the like to catapult her to stardom. She’s a fake, and very manipulative. Zoe has her number, but tries to stay on Cher’s good side. But Cher is deceitful and manipulative. She ends up sabotaging Zoe in many ways. But Zoe refuses to surrender, and will do her best to win with honesty and integrity. But Gideon is always there, flirting with her, to the point they begin a secret affair. Zoe wonders if Gideon is being sneaky and helping her win. As the other contestants bring their skills to the cooking game, Zoe must do the same. But then Cher has evidence that Gideon and Zoe are a couple, which she uses as blackmail in order to win. Zoe has to decide to resign from the show or beat Cher are her own game. But then there’s a rumor Gideon may be married…


Recipe for Love is full of delicious scenes and witty dialogue. The cast of characters are flavorful and delightful to read. Zoe is a doll, while Gideon is there to support her. He ends up fading into the background whenever Zoe is on the page, but I did enjoy their banter and they do have chemistry, although it’s very subtle. The love scenes are off page and only mentioned, so this is a great read for teens and adult readers who don’t want descriptive love making between the hero and heroine. I enjoyed the descriptions of the meals Zoe made, including the ingredients she used. Toward the end a subplot arises about Gideon’s possible wife I felt came out of left field. It just wasn’t needed. Some may be put off by that development because it enters the adultery angle with Zoe and Gideon. But like all Fforde books, everything works out in the end. You cheer to Zoe and her hurrah type ending.


For a life and fluffy Chick-Lit type romance, Recipe for Love is definitely recommended.