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Review: Crazy Love You

— feeling bad egg
Crazy Love You - Lisa Unger

Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger is in the same vein of Gone Girl with an unreliable narrator, but this book has a twist, which you can see coming far in advance. The male protagonist, Ian is unlikable from the start. His personality is one big pile of mush with no redeeming qualities. His narration is grating because you don’t really sympathize with him, or really care if his “friend” Priss is imaginary, real or an evil spirit who haunts him for reasons explained, but pretty weak when all is said and done.


Ian lives in NYC, and works as a comic book artist. His comic books series is semi-popular, which is enough to let him live in NYC and not have to struggle. Ian falls in love with Megan, a nanny. It looks like Ian has the perfect life, especially when Megan agrees to marry him. But a blast from his past visits- Priss, an out of control rebel type who is very possessive of Ian. Who is she, and why does she make Ian so uncomfortable, although he feels he needs her in his life. He found Priss as a child when he was chunky, alone, and his mother was admitted in a mental hospital for killing his baby sister. Priss comes and goes in his life, making him act strange. He has black outs, and can’t remember hours and days of his life. Is Priss responsible for him acting out of character, or some part of him, like a suppressed personality that rises up when he’s stressed. Or could Priss be the ghost of a murdered girl who found him when he was growing up in his hometown, latching onto him like ghosts do. But then Megan is almost killed, and goes missing. Ian is blamed for Megan vanishing, which makes him go back to his hometown to confront his past and Priss who may never want him to leave.


The premise of Crazy Love You is what grabs you, but the Ian character brings nothing to the story. His plight, including his family’s past, as well as his present with Megan, including the question of Priss just isn’t interesting. At times there is a sinister vibe mainly because of Ian’s blackouts, and how Priss is involved, but the entire question of the story is the deal with Priss. That’s the mystery that has to be solved. When it finally is, it’s more of a shrug than a shock. Also Ian is not redeemed in anyway. His ending is cop out and not worthy of this type of read. His suffering is laughable because he is to blame for most of what happens to him regardless of Priss’s influence. Megan is also too one-dimensional and brings nothing to the plot either.


Crazy Love You is pretty low key in terms of the overall reveal and action leading up to it. The ending is more like a whimper than a bang. A thriller that lacks the thriller suspense aspect.


Pass on this one.