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Review: Suddenly in Love

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Suddenly in Love (A Lake Haven Novel) - Julia London

Brennan, also known as Everett Alden the hero of Suddenly in Love (Lake Haven #1) by Julia London is a famous rockstar who seems to have it all. He’s the lead singer of Tuesday’s End, a band that does more pop music than rock. Brennan has come home to stay with his mother to hide away from the world. He’s borderline depressed, lost his mojo and still mourns the death of his friend and band mate who died of a drug overdose. He now spends his “time off” sleeping, eating junk and not showering. He’s become a real hermit. What he doesn’t know is that his mother is renovating her house. His solitude and silence is ruined. He also finds a strangely dressed woman in his mother’s kitchen, who he assumes is a groupie. She finds him rude and disgusting, especially since he almost ran her over with his car earlier in the day. She’s Mia, an assistant to her Aunt Bev who’s trying to win a bid to renovate the house.


Mia has come back home with her tail between her legs. She was living in Brooklyn, trying to find a job in design. She loves creating eccentric art, including clothes, which always made her an outcast, even back in school. Her dreams are shattered when her idol (she thought he was going to offer her an internship) says she doesn’t have any talent. After that blow, she moves back home, unemployed and feeling pretty horrible. Now she’s working for her loopy aunt in the hopes she can get back on her feet and move back to New York at some point. She has no idea Brennan is a world famous rockstar when she meets him. She thinks he’s just some rich guy because of his mother, who has a lot of money to spend. He really rubs her the wrong way because their first few interactions don’t go well because he was rude to her and smelly. But then when he finally does shower and clean up, his attitude also changes for the better. He thinks Mia’s uniqueness, and how she walks to the beat of her own drum is adorable. He loves her clothes and her art. Because he thinks Mia is something special and he tells her so, she thaws around him. Soon they’re hanging out and acting like friends. Mia knows Brennan is here only for the summer, so she’ll take what she can get from him.


Brennan finds his musical mojo again because of Mia. He’s offered the chance to do a soundtrack for a movie, which revitalizes him. He’s also romancing Mia, who still has no clue who he really is. He should come clean because Mia has put a lot of trust in him, telling him about her doubts, and her horrible teen years that made her move far away. He only gives her minimal information, which could really destroy everything he has with her. But Mia likes Brennan the guy who writes music and love his mom, not the famous rock star stalked by the paparazzi, and that of his band who wants more of the same music from him, including touring, which almost broke him. Can he have the best of both worlds- his fame and money, and Mia?


Suddenly in Love is a nice small town romance with a rock star hero, and an eccentric heroine who refuses to be”normal” because her family, friends, and the hottest guy from her high school who was every girl’s dream in her hometown wants her to be. Brennan clicks with her so well because he understand her artistic muse, and he embraces it, and her. Brennan may appear at first as the typical douche canoe broody rich boy hero, but that changes fast when he and Mia get to know one another. Brennan doesn’t like living the rock star lifestyle with the women, booze and drugs. He wants to perform on his terms, which now includes Mia. But the big question is whether or not she would be comfortable in his world?


Mia and Brennan have good chemistry. The love scenes are pretty typical and enjoyable. The secondary cast of characters are flavorful and a little quirky also. The small town beach feel of East Beach will have you yearning for the ocean and summer. Brennan has this really great grovel scene when everything comes out. Also, Mia’s dreams do come true in a very special way that really fits the story.


Suddenly in Love is a great beach read, and perfect for those who like characters who stay true to themselves and don’t answer to anyone else but themselves.