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Review: Icing

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Icing: An Aces Hockey Novel - Kelly Jamieson

Icing (Aces Hockey #2) by Kelly Jamieson is a pretty solid romance, and should appeal to fans of hockey romance. The hero and heroine are overall nice people, although the heroine sometimes enters Mary Sue territory, and the love scenes are plentiful but perhaps a bit too much. The hero is really a peach of a man who’s smitten with the heroine the first time he meets her, even with her bushy eyebrows he notices at first, which made me wince at first when I read it. What a compliment!


Duncan is a NHL hockey star, who just broke up with his model girlfriend. Duncan dates models, because that’s what heroes of sports romance do. He’s not too broken up about his breakup, but heads over to his friend’s bar, the Sin Bin for some drinks. There he notices the new bartender Amber, who has bushy eyebrows, wears flats, and doesn’t really dress to impress. But as he talks to her, he realizes she’s cute, and not at all like his past girlfriends. He asks her out, but she turns him down flat. Amber is too busy to date, let alone a hockey player. She’s busy going to school, modeling on the side, and sending her mother money because he father is in jail, who happens to be a former NFL star. But she keeps that undercover, especially who her father is. But when Duncan has had too much to drink, she takes his keys to his car so he can’t drive home. But then by accident she takes his keys home. He finds out her number, calls her and shows up for his keys. But it doesn’t end there.


Amber ends up modeling during an event Duncan is at. I guess she waxed her eyebrows, because Duncan thinks she is even more beautiful, especially after she puts on make up and flashy clothes. But he has also sees the natural beauty that is Amber. He wants to date her. She’s not too certain of him. They have this push and pull until their attraction for one another is ready to explode. They end up having hot sex, and more hot sex, which makes them a couple. Their friends are rooting for them to make it work, but Amber has to decide to come clean with Duncan about her money grubbing mother and convict father. What’s a bushy eyebrow girl supposed to do?


Icing was an enjoyable read, even though I can’t help but poke fun at Duncan’s initial reaction to Amber because of her eyebrows. These two hit it off and make a sweet couple who have a lot of sex and passion. The secondary cast rounds out the tale nicely, and the ending wraps up everything in a bow- the perfect romance HEA if you will.


A fun time sexy romance about hockey, sports bars and the two least likely of people who fall for one another.