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Review: Skinny Dipping Season

— feeling grin
Skinny Dipping Season - Cynthia Tennent

Skinny Dipping Season (Truhart #2) by Cynthia Tennet is a contemporary romance set in a small town, featuring a heroine who has OCD. She’s lost her fiance, her job and her self-respect. She decides to lick her wounds at her dead grandmother’s house where she has fond memories as a child. Her sabbatical from her old life is the best thing for her as she tries to control her OCD, and find her self respect again, including a romance with someone who falls in love with her, faults and all. Skinny Dipping Season also has a feel of women’s fiction.


Elizabeth is the middle child from a well respected family. Her father is a US congressman, her mother a function alcoholic, her older sister is Miss Perfect but betrayed Elizabeth, and her younger brother is a moody teenager. Elizabeth is taking a break from life ever since she was arrested for drugs. Her crime isn’t what it seems, but in order to recover her self respect, she needs to reevaluate things, and stay away from her dysfunctional family. The first night she stays at her grandmothers house, the acting sheriff, JD thinks she’s breaking in. She corrects him, but he’s very confrontational. He rubs her the wrong way, especially since he caught her dancing in an embarrassing way.


In the days to come, she keeps running into him. He catches her in ever more embarrassing situations. But by then he tones down the attitude and proves he’s not that bad of a guy. JD is a reformed rebel, a bad boy teen who now practices law and order. He may appear to see things black and white, but Elizabeth slowly changes his mind.

Elizabeth slowly bonds with the town that includes a crusty old neighbor she reconnects with who was friends with her grandmother, a rebellious teen, and her younger sister who Elizabeth takes under her wing, and her love of garden gnomes. She also connects with JD but in a different way. These two become friends, and then lovers, but only temporary because Elizabeth plans on leaving so she can get back her life. But then her younger brother makes a visit, and Elizabeth’s OCD flairs (she constantly washes her hand). Also JD wants to know the truth about her arrest and why she’s not speaking with her sister. He wants her to stay so they can continue to be together, but Elizabeth isn’t sure it’s what she wants.


Taking chances is the focus in Skinny Dipping Season. Elizabeth may come from a family where she had everything handed to her, but she doesn’t tale things for granted or is spoiled. She’s a hard worker who always tried her best but got some raw deals. The way she handles her disease and her family is mature and deep. Every family has issues, which is explored here, especially regarding her father and her younger brother. JD has issues stemming from his past, and the respect he longs for form the town who still looks down upon him. But JD is a pretty easy going guy, especially when he and Elizabeth tag along with one another, and the become lovers. Also JD’s real name is a mystery, but a nice surprise when revealed.


Skinny Dipping Season is a relaxing type of read where everyone wins in the end.