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Review: For the Win

— feeling evolution
For the Win (The Perfect Play Series Book 1) - Sara Rider

For the Win (The Perfect Play #1) by Sara Rider is the type of book that screams girl power because of the heroine Lainey, who just wants to be treated as an equal, like her male counterparts in the sport of soccer. Lainey lives and breathes soccer, even though she doesn’t get paid anywhere near the salary a professional sports star gets paid. Because of that she works part time doing construction with her uncle, which she also enjoys. Lainey almost hit pro at the World Cup, but a horrible accident on the field, which almost gave her brain damage stopped her for making her dream a reality. Now that she’s recovered, she’s playing on an all girls soccer team in Seattle with the goal to win the national championship. She thinks everyone is against her from the press to the soccer sports world, including her male adversaries, Gabe (the hero) is an international soccer star (think David Beckman), who now plays for the all male Seattle team, which is also owned by Lainey’s owner.


The drama and tension comes from the competition and some pranks Lainey and Gabe play on one another, including a curse that has been handed down through generations from Gabe’s family. if he falls in love, he loses the one thing he wants, which may mean his career. Seems silly, which Gabe also believes, but it’s always in the back oh his mind. Will it come down to his soccer career or having a future with Lainey? That’s the reason to read and find out.


The ending is everything sweet and a near perfect HEA for this type of story. if you like strong heroines, and equally strong will heroes who think of the heroines as their partner in every shape and form, do check out For the Win.