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Review: Then He Kissed Me

— feeling kissed
Then He Kissed Me - Laura Trentham

Then He Kissed Me by Laura Trentham is the second novel featuring the Fournette siblings, who were once considered orphaned swamp rats as children and left to survive the best way they could, with no help from their community. This small town romance spotlights Tallulah “Tally”, the youngest Fournette sibling who owns a gym. Tally has lived in Cottonbloom all her life, and was once a rebellious teen who barely graduated high school. The reason is Tally has dyslexia, and she feels lacking because of it. Her two older brothers have gone on to do great things, but even though she owns a business, and has gained respect within her community, she feels she’s stupid because she has a hard time reading, even though she’s great with numbers. But then her former best friend from childhood returns home- Nash, a former nerd turned college professor with glasses and great muscles who gives her a big boost of self confidence because he thinks she’s amazing, and the one person who touches his soul, unlike anyone else.


Nash is your near perfect beta hero. When he was ten, his mother died. His father couldn’t handle her death and left Nash with his aunt (mother’s sister). Before his mother’s death, Tally was his best friend. Nash was bullied and considered a nerd, who also has asthma. When he went to live with his aunt on the other side of the river in a more upscale neighborhood, they lost touch, which the reason why is revealed later in the story. Now Nash is back after working on a big research paper in Europe to teach at the nearby college. He also is back living with his aunt who doesn’t have a high opinion of the Fournette’s for reasons that will also be explained. One night Nash ends up at the same bar Tally is at, and they reconnect. He ends up saving her from her brutish ex-boyfriend, the same man who used to be Nash’s biggest bully in school. Nash wants Tally to be his best friend again. She accepts, although she doesn’t understand why he wants her back in his life. He’s everything she’s not, especially when it comes to knowledge and book smarts. Nash is out to prove Tally wrong why she thinks she’s not worthy of his companionship. Nash is in love with Tally and wants more than friendship.


Then He Kissed Me is about two best friends reconnecting, and then becoming lovers. Tally and Nash are sweet people. Nash is everything you would want in a hero. He’s as close as perfect as you can get. He still thinks of himself as a nerd, but he hides it well because everyone around him is in awe of him, especially Tally. They both give each other the big boost of confidence needed in order to have a stable relationship with one another. The way Nash treats Tally is pure gold. He’s not just attracted to her body, but her mind and spirit. He’s beyond smitten with her. Tally has strong feelings for Nash, but she’s always on edge, thinking something bad will happen because of the deaths of her parents, Nash leaving when they were children, and ex-boyfriend who won’t stay away from her, including Nash who he wants to fight.


There are nice moments with Nash and his aunt who has secrets of her own regarding Tally’s uncle that was a nice element to what Nash and Tally are going through. The secondary characters also add flavor to the plot. The small town atmosphere here is done well. Nash and Tally also steam up the sheets, and in cars, in very satisfactory ways. Nash may have his nose constantly in a book, or it’s implied, but the man knows how to pleasure his woman. Can’t complain about his technique, and the way Tally also lets loose with him.


Then He Kissed Me is a great for contemporary romance fans with a nice couple who find home and  a forever love with one another that started when they were children. Do pick this one up!