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Review: Wrecked

— feeling alien
Wrecked - Sarah Grimm

Wrecked (Blind Man’s Alibi #1) by Sarah Grimm is a pseudo Nicholas Sparks novel with no HEA to speak of because of what happens with the heroine Emma. Emma has cancer and only has months to live. She meets the hero, Joe, a rock star who loves to drink and party hard even though he wants to be a better man because of Emma, who brings sunlight and rainbows into his world. They have a chance encounter that will change both their lives, but the drama and Emma’s possible death looms constantly is a big downer. Also Joe’s crutch for alcohol to the point he’s probably an alcoholic has no real reason than to create more tension and drama, and takes away from what should be a sobworthy romance. At times the story worked, but other times I slogged through reading because not much is happening, unless Emma and Joe are having sex, which is way too much, or Joe is hugging a bottle of booze.


Emma is a successful website designer and graphic artist, so much so that it’s implied she’s a millionaire. But money doesn’t matter to her because she is very ill. She has cancer that eats away at her brain. Knowing her time is limited, she refuses chemo or hospital stays, and will enjoy life as much as she can before she succumbs to her disease. She ends up at a Blind Man’s Alibi show, and locks eyes with the lead singer Joe. She goes backstage, and he treats her like a groupie. Not down with that, she tells him off and leaves. Joe is then smitten because no women has refused him. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship.


Eventually Joe apologies and Emma gets to know the man behind the rock star who loves to drink. she even goes on tour with Joe after he invites her. He never thinks it’s strange she can drop her life and travel with him and his band, although she was ready to go to Europe on vacation, or so she tells him. Emma spends her day on the bus with Joe and his band mates, writing in her diary or having a lot of steamy sex with Joe. Does she tell him she’s dying or keep her illness a secret as long as she can so she can enjoy her remaining time with the man who has stolen her heart?


Wrecked is what some will call a romance even though there isn’t a HEA for the couple. Most will probably shed a tear or two over this love story, but it lacks some depth and emotion needed in the writing. The pages are mainly filled with Emma and Joe having sex or Joe trying not to get drunk. He comes across as too tortured, while Emma is very positive and happy even with her death sentence. At times I had trouble connecting with these two, or even believing they have an all consuming love affair. Their personalities didn’t mesh well, and I felt Emma could have done better than Joe. I actually preferred her with Joe’s bodyguard Gary who has more of an intriguing personality.


Wrecked didn’t leave me wrecked with my emotions like it should have. It was a so-so romance with too many clichés and stereotypes that are used in many books of this nature, even with the tragic ending.