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Review: Rock Wedding

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Rock Wedding - Nalini Singh

Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #4) by Nalini Singh is about the end of a marriage, which comes back full circle for the main couple who must get past a world of hurt in order to find happiness with one another. Nalini has always tackled some hard topics and dealt some heavy emotions, especially when it comes to the hero and heroine, and the traumas they experience in order to find happiness, and become much better people when all is said and done. While I read, there were times I had to stop because the pain and suffering from Sarah and Abe was so palatable. This is not a lighthearted romance, even though there is great chemistry and steamy lovemaking between the main couple. There’s a great deal of angst because of their past. For Sarah, it’s her distant past of when she was a child. For Abe it’s only in recent years past because of his drug and alcohol abuse, which makes him attack Sarah during their short marriage. One night she ended up walking out of him, not just because of his downward spiral drug abuse, but his cruel words, his lashing out at her, who always thought she wasn’t good enough for him or worthy of his love because he’s a mega rich rock star, and she’s a lowlife who doesn’t deserve a loving husband, happy marriage or children.


Sarah has been divorced for two years from Abe, who she thought was the love of her life. Abe is a megastar celebrity, aka a rock star of a band who basically swept her off her feet. Sarah grew up an orphan barely living paycheck to paycheck. She met Abe during a party she snuck into with a friend, caught Abe’s eye, and he became her Prince Charming. She married him, but their marriage was full of mistrust and sadness. Because Abe had a bad alcohol and drug problem, he never treated Sarah with the respect she deserved. His self torture is compounded because of the death of his beloved younger sister who died from a horrible illness when she was just a little girl. Sarah also suffers because she miscarried their child. Because Abe won’t let Sarah comfort him as he remembers the day his younger sister died, he lashes out at Sarah, using cruel words and taunts that makes her finally leave him. She divorces him, and now two years later is running her own business and appears to be happy. But Sarah isn’t. She made a big mistake after she left Abe, which is discussed right from the beginning involving another man. But because of her failed relationship, and aftermath with that man, it brings Abe back into her life.


Abe is now clean and sober and wants a second change with Sarah, who wants nothing to do with him. They both still share the same circle of friends, which makes it hard for Sarah and Abe not to interact with one another. But when Abe’s bandmate gets married to a woman who has become a close friend with Sarah, she is forced to be with her former husband. Sarah is much stronger and wiser when it comes to dealing with Abe, who is a changed man. She’s willing to have a tentative relationship with him, and perhaps even friendship. But the attraction between the two is as strong as ever.


One thing leads to another one night, and they have sex. Because of that, Abe wants to be a part of Sarah’s life again because there was a consequence of their intimacy that forces them to confront their former marriage, and to decide if they should chance another shot of a future together, even though things between them are still very shaky and uncertain.


Rock Wedding deals with the loss of a marriage and the difficult steps it takes to rebuild that marriage again. Sarah and Abe have a lot of issues to work on, and not just Abe’s substance abuse, but his guilt over the death of his sister, including two big losses in Sarah’s life that makes her feel less than a wife and a mother. Sarah may love her independence and her circle of friends who support her, but she still longs for a family and a home to call her own. She wants that traditional marriage, husband and children, but it has eluded her. Abe is the one who will give it to her even though the first time around with their relationship was violate because Abe never showed the true person behind his public persona to Sarah. He has his work cut out for him. Sarah has to decide whether to trust him even though he may burn her again.


Rock Wedding hits you hard in the gut for a romance. Even though Abe is the main person at fault for ruining his marriage with Sarah, you want him to succeed in winning her heart back. Sarah isn’t some pushover who will take Abe back just because he may have changed for the better. He has to work at it, which he does. His courtship of his ex-wife is very sweet, endearing, and sexy. The only problem I had was that these two is that they should have attended some sort of couples’ therapy or received some professional advice. I think if they had seen someone in a professional setting, it would have been a bit more believable for me, rather than just using the, love heals all wounds trope. But Nalini does make a good case for why Sarah and Abe belong together again. Their interactions and discussions about themselves and their former marriage helps move the story along in a satisfactory manner.


Rock Wedding is one romance that may hit you in the gut and cause you to shed a tear, but Sarah and Abe’s journey for their HEA is well worth.