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Review: Just Kiss Me

— feeling kissed
Just Kiss Me - Rachel Gibson

Just Kiss Me by Rachel Gibson is a Contemporary romance with a Chick-Lit feel, including a soap opera all wrapped into one. There are many secrets that come out after the death of the heroine’s mother, and her love/hate relationship with the family her mother worked for. The heroine is at times a contradiction, whereas the hero is the typical type of hero you would find in this type of romance, although their romance is a bit tepid and their chemistry does seem rushed.


Vivian is a big time celebrity. She’s an actress who has fame, fortune and many fans due to a hit sci-fi movie series, much like The Hunger Games. She has returned to her hometown for her mother’s funeral. When Vivian was growing up, she and her mother lived at the cottage house owned by the Shulers. Vivian hated it because she always thought the Shulers, mainly the mother and eldest son turned their noses down on Vivian and her mother. Harrison the eldest has also moved away and made big money in finance, but then came back to do carpentry. When he sees Vivian in the flesh again after so many years, he doesn’t have many fond memories of her. He felt she was a brat, had no respect for authority, and was way too nosy for her own good. She knows a big secret from his past that he’s ashamed of, and the consequences of his actions regarding that secret still haunts him. But he’s the keeper of secrets on behalf of his family, which not only concerns his mother, and younger brother, but Vivian and her mother.


Vivian is torn up inside about her mother’s death. She loved her mother dearly, although her mother had some mental problems she tried to hide. Vivian is also surprised to find out her mother owned the cottage house on the Shuler property, and eventually became friends with Mrs. Shuler, who Vivian felt never cared for her. But Harrison’s mother now shows a different side to her Vivian can respect. But she still thinks Vivian is beneath her in regards to status. (Funny since Vivian is one of the best actress in Hollywood and a millionaire.) She’s also confused about Harrison, who she has a hard time figuring out. And then they both make the mistake of acting on this strange attraction for one another, with really stresses Mrs. Shuler out. Harrison wants a shot with Vivian, even though her life is in California, and his in Charleston. And again there are all those secrets the Shulers are hiding that eats away at Harrison because it could ruin his new relationship with Vivian who makes him the happiest he has been in a while.


Just Kiss Me should please those readers who enjoy a soap opera element to their romance. The main tone is more on the lighthearted end, with some humor mixed in, but there is some angst and drama, mainly from Harrison. He’s very stiff and proper, even when he’s trying to cut loose with Vivian. These two are opposites in every way, and sometimes I had a hard time believing their attractions and chemistry for one another.

Vivian seemed to grow up with a loving mother, sans a father, but she acts as if she was neglected most of the time. She was a wild child with a chip on her shoulder. Also there was instances she was made fun of because she was fat, although she is now a size 0 as an actress. It’s obvious she still has issues stemming from her childhood because of the role she and her mother played with the Shulers. Harrison’s mother is not the villain Vivian makes her out to be, and Harrison’s younger brother Spence eats up the pages whenever he appears, even more so than Harrison.


Just Kiss Me didn’t blow me away, but it was an enjoyable read, although the ending was a bit too pat for me to be behind it one-hundred percent. This would be a good beach read to lose yourself in for a few hours.