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Review: Saving Sara

Saving Sara (Redemption Series) - Nicola Marsh

Saving Sara by Nicola Marsh is a tearjerker because of the subject matter regarding the hero and heroine. Both go through major losses, which they have to recover and heal from. There’s also a great secondary May/December romance featuring the hero’s aunt and a doctor almost twenty years younger then her, who once was friends with her daughter she barely talks to or sees. Contemporary Romance fans will mostly like enjoy this small town romance, but the romance between the main couple almost takes a back seat to the issues that have to face in order to move on from their emotional prisons. Sara has moved into her deceased grandmother’s house. She’s still mourning the death of her three year old daughter from almost two years ago. She divorced her workaholic husband who she blames for their daughter’s death. Sara still has immense guilt and can barely find the will to go on. She has become a hermit who doesn’t do much than go through her grandmother’s things. But that changes when she meets her neighbor, Cilla, a widow of twenty years who loves to garden and paint. Sara was once a big painter but gave it up for a well paying job and a family. Cilla is friendly, but Sara keeps her distance. But Sara is in for more surprises when Cilla’s nephew Jake comes to stay with her, including his six-year-old nephew Olly. Olly’s mother is in rehab, and Jake is his temporary guardian while his mother gets better. Jake hasn’t talked to his Aunt Cilla in twenty years. The reason is his abusive father cut out his aunt after his mother died. Cilla’s dead husband was also emotionally abusive to her, which caused her daughter to leave and never come back. When Jake’s younger sister asks him to take care of his nephew, he does because he wants his sister to get better. Olly is a scared and angry little boy Jake can’t seem to help. So he turns to Cilla who may have the magic touch. Cilla invited Jake and Olly to stay with her, which may help him and Olly bond. Cilla loves having Jake and Olly stay with her because she has been so lonely, although she has the possibility of a romance with a much younger man (he’s in his early 40s), and a doctor to boot. But Cilla has major reservations. She is almost like Sara in that aspect, haunted by her miserable marriage even twenty years later. Surprisingly Sara becomes a member of their ragtag family because of Olly who is the only one who can reach her self-imposed walls. And there’s Jake who wants to be friends with Sara, and perhaps more if she’s willing to accept his help and a shoulder to rely on. Saving Sara is about saving Sara and her demons, but its also about forgiveness and redemption in the small town of Redemption. Sara, Jake, Cilla, and even Olly have a lot of emotional baggage. As the story is revealed, we see different sides to these characters, and how they do help each other find peace, and eventually joy that surrounds them. There are some heartwarming scenes, combined with heartbreak. Watching these four learn to trust one another, and the world around them is the big HEA. As for an HEA I want in any romance I read, Saving Sara had that when it comes to Sara and Jake. You won’t be disappointed, although I was more interested in Cilla and her back and forth with the young sexy doctor who has been in love with her for almost two decades. The love scenes are adequate, but nothing too descriptive or emotional. The sensuality factor may not matter because the sex isn’t an important factor to further the plot along. Saving Sara is a sold romance with a great Women’s Fiction tone, and a satisfactory summer or beach read.