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Review: Welcoming the Bad Boy

— feeling alien
Welcoming the Bad Boy - Annie Rains

Welcoming the Bad Boy (Hero’s Welcome #3) by Annie Rains is a strange title for this book because the hero is far from being bad. He’s a sullen jerk for most of the story, but he doesn’t embody the bad boy image we see in romances. I honestly couldn’t stand the guy, even though he loves working with dogs, and is trying his best with his adopted mother, who has Alzheimer’s. The way he’s suspicious toward the aw shucks, Mary Sue type heroine with a heart of gold for no reason made me want to chuck this guy out of the story and give the heroine a better hero. Because I couldn’t stand the hero, even when he does a slight redemption attitude adjustment, was too late in coming, especially when he freaks out on the heroine when he finds she’s a *GASP* secret author of erotic romance. Seriously, WTF?


Valerie is a school teacher who also has a secret part-time job writing romances. No one knows, especially her preacher father who’s very stern and opinionated about Valerie even though she’s a grown woman and goes to church every Sunday. He also thinks she’s lazy and selfish because she has the summer off and won’t jump when he tells her to volunteer her time helping her fellow church goers. He doesn’t seem to care that she spends most of her free time reading to retirees at a nursing home, and taking care of a rambunctious pooch while one of the ladies there recovers from a surgery. Valerie also has a bad case of writers block, and may not meet her deadline in six weeks. But then she meets Griffin, whose mother is living at the retirement home Valerie volunteers at.

Griffin is a jerk to Valerie the moment they meet. He has a big chip on his shoulder stemming back to when his mother told him he was adopted, and his worries about his new K-9 dog he’s training who doesn’t obey like he should. He snaps and growls at Valerie for some odd reason, even before he realizes he’s attracted to her. Even though Griffin has a poor personality, and is very rude to Valerie, she’s also attracted to him all because of his body. She wants him even though he’s a jerk. Also he helps motivate her with her writing.


Eventually Griffin becomes a bit more humble where Valerie is considered, and courts her with dates and the like, more as a thank you for her helping out with his mother who can’t remember him, which gets him angry and upset at the world. He’s constantly stiff and gritting his teeth, unless he’s hanging out with his own dog or having sex with Valerie. For some reason, he then thinks she’s the one, but that is thrown out the window when he finds out she has a big secret that proves she untrustworthy. She should have told him she writes romance novels! The nerve of her.


Welcoming the Bad Boy was not a welcoming read because of Griffin. I didn’t mind Valerie, even though she was a goodie-goodie Mary Sure most of the time, but she did have heart. I just couldn’t see her being happy in the long term with Griffin, which means I don’t believe in their HEA. I can see Griffin in a few years forcing Valerie to give up her writing and choose him and be the happy homemaker with their children and dogs.


A big pass on this one.