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Review: Curious Minds

Curious Minds: A Knight and Moon Novel - Phoef Sutton, Janet Evanovich

Curious Minds (Knight and Moon #1) is different enough from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, that those readers who have fatigue about Stephanie, will get a big kick out of Curious Minds (those still on the Plum crack reading will love this book also), in what I hope will be the start of a great series. It’s a loopy, suspend your disbelief read, but oh what an entertaining and fun read it is! I couldn’t stop smiling and chuckling while I read. Curious Minds will be one of my top 10 favorite reads of 2016 because it a great piece of fiction you can lose yourself in for a few hours, where you’ll be left wanting more.


Riley, with the seemingly basic last name of Moon, has just graduated from Harvard, and after interning at the much respected financial institution of Blane-Grunwald, she feels she has arrived. But her first day on the job is far from normal. Werner, one of the owners of Blane-Grunwald wants her to visit with the eccentric billionaire Emerson, who is asking questions about his money. Riley will go to his home and answer any questions he has. When she gets there, she’s met by a woman running out of the house, quitting her job as a housekeeper and Emerson’s sweet aunt who welcomes her in but warns her of the wandering armadillo and other wildlife (Emerson’s recently deceased father had a farm on the property). Riley takes this weirdness in stride. When she meets Emerson face-to-face, she struck by how handsome he is, but the strange way he talks and thinks. He’s all about being Zen and melding his mind and body with the universe and so forth. He wants to see his gold, as in gold bars Blane-Grunwald is keeping for him, and he won’t take no for an answer. Riley has no choice but to take Emerson to Werner, who makes Emerson think everything is right as rain with his money. Emerson acts like he believes Werner, but Riley finds out that’s not the case. And so the crazy adventure with Emerson begins!


Riley finds out her mentor, Gunter is missing, the youngest Blane-Grunwald brother. His former assistant is acting strange, and Emerson believe something more sinister is going on. Riley is tasked to keep an eye on Emerson by Werner, which she does because she doesn’t have much of a choice. Soon Emerson is taking her on a wild chase that may get them killed. There’s conspiracies all around them, including one that could destroy the financial institution in America. Riley is freaked out, but Emerson plays it cool as he investigates about counterfeit gold bars that Blane-Grunwald may be involved in. As both are hunted by a bug eyed sarcastic Rollo, who says he’s from the NSA, Riley and Emerson fall deeper into a rabbit hole, so to speak, regarding espionage and possible aliens from outer space.


Curious Mind is a trippy novel. It’s a comedic spy thriller with a Bond type character in Emerson, who is beyond adorable, but very “out there” when it comes to his investigation techniques. Poor Riley is thrown into danger, and becomes a spy of sorts because of Emerson. Their banter and dialogue is what makes this a great read. There are also a slew of secondary characters that add a nice dimension to the story. I felt I was reading a screenplay to a movie or TV show, which makes sense since Phoef Sutton is an Emmy winning TV writer and producer. He and Janet really work together as a writing duo.


The mystery element is very well done, and even though farfetched during certain scenes, you won’t mind because everything is planned out and executed in such a way that you’ll get a real kick out of it. The ending isn’t a cliffhanger, because the crime is solved, but open for more adventures with Emerson and Riley that may eventually lead to a romance in the future.


Curious Minds is an adrenaline rush adventure novel with a great side of humor that hits all the sweet spots for this reader. Do pick it up!