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Review: Body Shot

Body Shot: A Last Shot Novel - Kelly Jamieson

Body Shot(Last Shot #1) by Kelly Jamieson has the makings of a great romance novel, and for all purposes it appears to be, but there’s something missing here that left me disappointed. The hero Beck is awesome and yummy, and really made Body Shot shine, but I found the heroine Hayden lacking. The chemistry between these two at times seemed forced, plus the writing had some editing issues. There were more passive words or actions than active, and I noticed the use of the same word on the same page multiple times. I think another round of editing could have helped make this read much crisper and more enjoyable, including toning down Hayden’s seemingly Mary Sue goody-goody personality. Because Beck was more of an original with his characteristics and personality, Hayden disappeared into the background. At certain points I wondered what Beck liked about Hayden or was attracted to because she was more one-dimensional.

Beck is a former SEAL who owns a bar right near that specializes in tequila. Beck also comes from money. He’s not friendly with his parents because they want him to be this buttoned up executive for the family’s business. But because of his grandparents, Beck is very rich from the money they left him. So to help his two buddies with their dreams, Beck invests his fortune in the bar, which he loves running. Beck is also an adrenaline junkie who sky dives and jumps from planes. One night the bar has a tequila tasting, and that’s where he meets Hayden. At first Hayden wasn’t planning on going to the bar, but her good friend convinces her. Hayden is stressed and running on fumes, trying to keep her company afloat and receive funding, which would be millions of dollars. Hayden is a very intelligent but a book smart woman who barely goes out or has fun. Her life is about to change when she meets Beck.


Hayden does something so naughty and unlike her. Within a few hours of meeting Beck, she has hot sex with him in his office. They rock both their worlds. From them on Beck wants to date Hayden, but Hayden is just too busy. Beck tries to get Hayden to let down her hair, so to speak.


Body Shot is basically Hayden and Beck going on dates, eating, going to the beach and having a lot of steamy and hot sex. There isn’t a lot of angst or drama here, other than Beck’s issues with his family, and where he comes from. Hayden is worried about having too much fun with Beck, which may make her work suffer. These two are opposites in the way they think and live their lives, so will they get their HEA?


Body Shot is an okay romance, and Kelly can sure write great love scenes. Beck may seems like an alpha hero because of his former career as a SEAL, including his take charge personality, but when it comes to Hayden, he’s a gentleman (behind closed doors he’s very different). Hayden is a typical type of heroine, but she comes across as wishy-washy at times that grew tedious. Also I just couldn’t see what attracted Beck to her. She’s nice, hardworking and dedicated to her career and friends, but she didn’t wow me like I wanted her to. Beck is the reason to read Body Shot, while Hayden just fades away.


Body Shot should appeal to fans who like some spicy sensuality and sizzle in their contemporary romance. If you can put aside Hayden’s underwhelming personality and some editing issues regarding the passive verbs and actions, then you’ll probably enjoy Body Shot.