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Review: The Darkest Torment

— feeling angel
The Darkest Torment (Lords of the Underworld) - Gena Showalter

The Darkest Torment (Lords of the Underworld #12) by Gena Showalter is a wild ride that doesn’t just emphasizes the hero and heroine, but this ever growing world, and multitude of characters Gena has created. Fans of this series will like Baden, a trademark Showalter hero. He’s tortured, angry, full of mistrust and very alpha. It takes a while for him to warm up to his friends because of the abuse he has endured from Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, who is at war to keep control. He controls Baden by promising him salvation, which Baden doesn’t believe. But there’s a glimmer of hope he can survive and become his own man, and lose the demon of Distrust inside of him. His salvation comes in the form of Katarina.


Katarina is a human who adores dogs. She trains them, and other abused dogs. She’s being blackmailed into marrying a nasty dude who got her brother addicted to drugs. Her soon-to-be-husband kidnapped her two dogs and threatened to kill them if she didn’t marry him. Why he wants her for his wife, she has no clue because she’s nothing spectacular. During her wedding ceremony, Baden and a few of his Underworld Lord Scooby Gang stop the wedding. Hades wants a coin Kat’s husband owns. Baden plans to get it, but ends up taking Katarina to force her husband to give up the coin. Baden assumes Kat is a money grubbing hussy obsessed with power and the allure of bad men who hurt people.


Kat thinks Baden is a jerk, but then when she figures out he’s not human, and neither is her nasty husband, things begin to change for her. Baden finds out the reason why Kat had to marry, and that she’s really very kind and gentle, especially when it comes to animals. He even lets her take in two stray puppies who follow them wherever they go. Now he wants to protect her, and installs her in the fortress along with his brother in arms and their wives. Baden also starts to lust for Kat very very badly. She does also, but since he’s so tortured, he refuses her, or her touches and kisses. Eventually he weakens, and you can assume what happens next between these two.


The Darkest Torment is chock full of torment all around, and not just from Baden. Fans of William, and the just turned eighteen Gilly will shake their fist at Gena because she creates a major roadblock in stopping any or all courtship or romantic relationship between the two. It’s no longer about Gilly’s age or her human status, including William’s man-ho ways that cause them such angst. There is a new man on the scene who claims Gilly in a way that is inventive, and yet hair pulling. We know William and Gilly will be together in the future eventually, but it will take much longer now. Gilly still has to mature and age in order for her and William to get their HEA. Right now these two are not ready to walk down the aisle together because there is a little bit of the ick factor, mainly because Gilly is still a teenager even though she just turned eighteen, which is considered legal. William is Hades’s son and embodies every vice imaginable. But when it comes to Gilly, he shows the goodness he has inside because he’s so enamored of her. I look forward to more with these two, and the new man in Gilly’s life who gave William a big smack down in his plans for Gilly.


Cameo also has her moments here, especially her search for happiness, and the one man who may heal her. I have a feeling her book may be next. Also many past characters show up, some of which who have yet to get their HEAs. The plot is fast paced, the dialogue crisp and entertaining, including some moments of humor. The sex here between Baden and Kat is hotter than hot. That doesn’t disappoint, especially when Baden realizes Kat is THE ONE for him. He falls for her first, and hard. There’s also a big twist regarding Kat and her dog whispering ways that comes as a pleasant surprise.


The Darkest Torment is part of  one of the few paranormal romance series I can’t get enough of. As soon as I finish reading, I want the next book ASAP.