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Review: Arcana Rising

Arcana Rising (The Arcana Chronicles Book 5) - Kresley Cole

Arcana Rising, the fourth book in the Arcana Chronicle by Kresley Cole is another great installment to this magical, end of days, post-apocalyptic world featuring zombies, cannibals, and a groups of humans with super powers that battle each other to be the last one standing, ala Highlander (1986 movie). The book to prior to this ended on a major cliffhanger. Evie, the main protagonist of this tale is not even eighteen, but has so much weight on her shoulders. Not only is she still trying to understand her powers, but searching for her beloved grandmother, who may not even be alive. Then there is the two men in her life who want her as their own. There’s Jack, the Cajun boy she knew before the flash who is her first love, and would have been her husband. Then there is Aric, aka Death who has followed her through the centuries and past lives. He’s her soul mate, but also her biggest competitor in ruling this new world of destruction and death. Evie is caught in a love triangle with these two men, but like Highlander, there can only be one. She can only be with one of them, but her HEA is uncertain, especially if she has to battle Death for the ultimate prize- her life.


Arcana Rising isn’t as heavy on the action and fighting scenes as in the past books. This installment is more dialogue heavy and interaction with specific characters as they make plans for the next battle between the Arcana. The first half features Evie recovering not only from a horrendous physical attack that almost killed her, but the loss of someone very special to her, who she adored and loved. Evie is very much a survivor, growing stronger each day. She does have a great support system for the moment because these who she made an alliance with may turn on her because of the rules of this war that has been set for centuries.


Arcana Rising is a more adult novel with some cursing and a few sex scenes. What started out a young adult series is now more of an adult one. Some would say New Adult because of the age of Evie, but based on her experiences, she is more mature than her age. Even with the adult type atmosphere, adult and teens will be entertained. Evie continues to astound with her abilities, and even her introspective on Jack and Aric. One of these men will lose, and lose big because Evie can’t be with both of them.


There are many things that occur here I can’t mention because they are major spoilage territory. Something big time shocking happens with Evie that will now change her path with one of the two men who are vying for her heart. If you’re on a certain team, you won’t be disappointed in what Evie does, and with whom. There are also some twists regarding characters missing or believed to be dead. Readers will be gnawing on their nails to find out what happens with these characters, and what their futures will be.


Kresley is a queen at writing a cliffhanger you want to shake your fist at. The last page, including the last sentence is another big, OMG she did not moment in this series that will yet again change Evie in ways you would have never expected. I actually gasped at the last sentence. An evil move on part of Kresely, but one I can’t wait to read and see how it will unfold.


Arcana Rising kept my interest and continues to awe me with the world building, including the romance element with Evie. I look forward to the next book in this series that has me salivating for more.