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Review: Billionaire on the Loose

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Billionaire on the Loose - Jessica Clare

Billionaire on the Loose (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #5) Jessica Clare is a fluffy and fun romance that will make you chuckle because of the actions of the heroine and the hero who are the least likely of people to fall in love. How can you not enjoy a nerdy, techie computer obsessed heroine, and a dashing prince from a far off land who falls head first in lust with the heroine just because she’s unlike any women he knows, and a true original?


Taylor is pretty much a hermit in her apartment. She is a remote IT person who loves playing on-line role games. Because she became too involved in this virtual reality, she has picked up an admirer who is now stalking her, and going as far as to threatening to kill himself if Taylor isn’t on-line all the time talking with him. Instead of contacting the authorities or blocking him, mainly because of guilt, she gives in to him, almost making her lose her job and her sanity. But as this is all going on, one of her girl friends asks for a favor. This guy Loch from out of town needs a tour guide. Taylor accepts because she realizes she needs to take a break from the computer. An added bonus is that Loch is very handsome, friendly and has a sweet accent. They hit it off right away even though their personalities are as different as night and day.


Loch has come to the US, where it’s expected he’ll stay for 2-3 years. He’s an actual prince who live a playboy lifestyle of luxury because he’s worth billionaires. He’s pretty bored with life in general, until he meets Taylor. He thinks she’s adorable, and he loves hanging out with her. Soon his life changes to lust, and he wants her in his bed. Taylor jumps at the chance with Loch and soon they are having a very hot and heavy sexual affair. Taylor still has to be on guard because her obsessed on-line suitor is watching, and may go off the deep end if he finds out about Loch. But then Taylor is in a bad accident.


Loch wants to help her recover, installing her in a fancy hotel room that is easy for him to pay for because of his fortune, which Taylor doesn’t know about. She has no idea he’s a prince, and the sudden idea he has to keep Taylor close, as well as letting him go home.

Billionaire on Loose is the type of romance that will make you smile. I loved the opposites attracting trope between Loch and Taylor, and it worked extremely well here because of the way Jessica has written these two characters. They’re both so lovable and easy going, even with Taylor’s seemingly dangerous stalker. As for that plot, it falters toward the end, especially when we find out who he is and why he has targeted Taylor. I didn’t buy it or the reason Taylor let it go on for so long, and didn’t contact the authorities. She became very worried that this individual may hurt her, or go off the deep end. Loch figures things out pretty quickly, unlike Taylor who is given the shock of her life about who Loch really is and what his plans are for her. Its deceitful and may make you change your mind about Loch, but it’s something that has been done in romance before. The groveling or forgiveness factor from Taylor is stereotypical, and allows for a satisfactory HEA.


The sex here is borderline erotic. A few times my eyebrows darted up because of how aggressive Taylor is from what she wants from Loch. These two have some major naked fun times together, especially during one of the virtual reality computer game conferences Taylor takes Lock to. They end up in a room that looks like a forest and end up having some risqué lovemaking on a mushroom. You have to read it in order to believe it. We’re talking R-Rated here.


Billionaire on the Loose is the type of book that will brighten you day if you’re looking for some fun time reading. The gamer chick heroine and her sexual hijinks with her Prince Charming makes for a good time.