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Review: Anything But Minor

— feeling bad smell
Anything but Minor - Kate Stewart, Edee M Fallon

Anything but Minor(Balls in Play #1) by Kate Stewart should have been a hilarious contemporary romance set in the world of baseball. Unfortunately for this reader it didn’t work at all. The heroine Alice is over the top quirky (not in a good way) and almost a Mary Sue, but she did have an interesting job as flight instructor. She’s a duck out of water after moving far away from a stifling, overbearing mother. But Alice is ready to take on the world, using her addiction to 80’s movies to help build her confidence and meet new people. For some reason, total strangers love Alice. But there’s an exception with Rake, the popular minor league baseball player about to move up to the majors. These two are like oil and water in the beginning. but eventually they bond and connect leading to a sexual relationship that hits all of Alice’s buttons.


Rafe has wanted Alice as soon as he met her, or I should say he just wants to screw her silly. Alice is very awkward around him, as in she acts immature. She comes across more as teenager than a twenty-something who can stand up to middle aged men as her students who think she shouldn’t be teaching because she’s a woman. Alice can’t seem to control her body around Rafe, as in one scene that just turned me off from the rest of the book. Rafe takes Alice parasailing. She’s so nervous that she literally pisses herself, and Rafe is caught in the crossfire. How is that funny or cute?


Alice doesn’t seem to have control of herself around Rafe, but he doesn’t mind. He wants her in his bed even though Alice says she only wants for be friends. But we know where this is going, and Rafe breaks her down, giving her so much sex and many “O’s”. Alice is very honest with Rafe, which I guess is a plus since there is no annoying

miscommunication between the two. But the way Alice reacts to Rafe and the world around her is not endearing. She comes across as one-dimensional, even thought we’re in her head most of the time. She’s written too cartoonish and almost as if she is putting on an act. I felt her portrayal was too fake, or the author was trying too hard to make Alice lovable, but in a nerdy and loveable awkward type of way. I just couldn’t connect with her, and all her eye raising quirks and too many mentions of body fluids and functions such as peeing on one’s self.


Rafe is more of a wallpaper type of hero. He’s okay, but a little on the bland side. He’s written with more spark to his personality than Alice.


Anything But Minor would have been a solid “B” grade romance but because of Alice’s one-dimensional personality and Mary Sue traits, including her lack of authenticity I want in my heroines, I would say this is the type of read you would borrow and not buy.